Thursday, March 13, 2008

Throwdown with Bobby Flay

Have you seen this show? Chad and I watch it together faithfully (which isn't hard with DVR!), and have a million little jokes that we share about it now. The basic premise is this - Bobby Flay travels all over the US, visiting chefs who are known for making the "best" of a certain dish. Bobby challenges them to a "throwdown" making the dish, and then judges come in and decide who wins. It is a fun show because they showcase a new local chef every week and you get to see two interpretations of classic dishes. All of this in only a half hour - which means no drawn-out time fillers.

We didn't start watching this show when it first aired (it is in it's fourth season now), so we have had a lot of re-runs to watch. For some reason, we happened to catch them in just the right order and did not see Bobby Flay win a single episode out of probably the first 10 or 12 episodes that we watched. We were like, "C'mon judges, stop favoring the locals! Who cares about tradition when you can have Bobby Flay's habanero infused pudding!" (Okay, he didn't really make that, but I wouldn't be surprised if he did!) I mean seriously, Bobby Flay can't ever win? Rigged!Anyway, when we finally caught the episode where Bobby Flay bested the lady who cooks the macaroni and cheese that Oprah judged as being the best in the world, part of me was cheering for Bobby, but part of me was just sad for the local lady who was known for this one thing! I mean, Bobby Flay has Iron Chef and everyone knows who he is, couldn't he leave the macaroni title to the nice lady?

Bobby's record has gotten better with each season, so we are catching more and more episodes where he wins, and I still always feel a little sad for the chefs who lose. Especially since they don't have their own Food Network test kitchen assistants coming up with all their recipes for them and reigning them in with their "heat"!

Oh, and I must mention that out of all the Food Network chefs, Bobby Flay is the one whose food I most want to sample, even if I am a wuss with spicy food. I mean, I am a total cheapo (the entertainment book is my best friend), but I might be willing someday to spend an extraordinary amount of money to eat, no, experience his food.
On a side note, the new season of "Top Chef" began last night on Bravo. Hooray!


Chad said...

Great show - Always make me hungry though - which is a bad thing at 9:00 at night.

Chad said...

Great show - Always make me hungry though - which is a bad thing at 9:00 at night.

boltons said...

I watch it too and love it. Bobby can cook. But I am a total Rachel Ray 30-minute meal person. I do try alot of her recipes and have a cook book. She can annoy me with her laugh and goofiness sometimes, but she makes real stuff. I also love Paula Deen's cooking but it is too much of that "bad" kind of southern cooking which I get when I go to Mississippi to see Ray's family. It is soooo good, it is bad. Another show I like is Diners, Drive-ins and Dives. He finds some real off-the-wall kind of places with great looking specialties.

Audra said...

We watched that for the first time last night. It was good, but I was EXTREMELY nauseous from the flu, so the sticky bun episode just about put me over the edge. I would just look at the sticky buns and my stomach would turn. Then I saw the cocktail one and the guy lost and I was so sad for him. He thinks he is going on the the Food network to show off what his specialty is and instead he has Bobby Flay come on and show him up.

Anonymous said...

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