Wednesday, April 23, 2008

HGTV Green Home

When I was in Blythe, my mom told me about HGTV's newest home giveaway - this time it is a Green Home and it is in Hilton Head, SC (about four hours away from me - perfect for a vacation home!). I know I was in love with the last one, but I am even more in love with this one. It's honestly a little more my style. I know, I am fickle. And since apparently I am only ever going to have boys, the fact that it only has one room for the kids is just fine! ;o) Stick those little stinkers all in one room. Actually, it would probably be PERFECT for my parents! I would be just fine with them winning. Don't forget to enter Mom!

Here is some info about how "green" it is.


Audra said...

I hope those shudders really close when the big hurricaines come rollin' around... that is all I am sayin'!

Debbie Downer

Katie said...


missionarymom said...

You can't get's mine, and if the shutters don't close, we'll fix that! I enter often. I missed to enter when we were in Utah.