Monday, April 28, 2008

Our day at the Biltmore

The drive to the house was beautiful. It looks natural but was actually all designed by the same man who designed Central Park.
The first grand view as you walk in from the parking lot.
All of the flowering trees were in full bloom.
Chad in front at the entrance to the walled garden, and a view of the azalea garden.

Chad in the Italian Garden.

No kids!!!! Woohoo!

The walled garden, where there was a string quartet playing.

It was a very nice day, and as much as we missed the kids, we were very glad that they weren't there. We we inside the opulent house, touring it, for almost two hours, and spent just as long walking around the grounds. They would have gone crazy. Thanks Bobby and Sabina, for watching them. By the way, no pictures were allowed inside the Biltmore House, which is probably a good thing - I would have been tempted to take a picture of everything. It was truly amazing. It is 175,000 square feet, with 101 bedrooms and 43 bedrooms. It had an indoor swimming pool and bowling alley and was finished in 1895! It was definitely unlike anything Chad and I will see again.


Kari said...

Sounds heavenly! Kudos to you two for finally breaking away from the kids for a little while! You deserve it.

Audra said...

I want to go... sometime... like you said... it isn't going anywhere so we may wait till the kids are older and a little more bearable for someone to watch for us to go!