Thursday, May 8, 2008

Colin's hole

Did you know that ALL kids love to dig?Seriously! Levi and I remember spending hours trying to dig tunnels to our neighbor's yard when we were little, so I know we were no exception, and neither is Colin or any other kid who has been to our house the last couple of months. We roto-tilled a large chunk of our backyard in preparation for a garden in March and just finished putting the garden in this week. In the meantime, Colin had a unlimited digging permit, and he took full advantage of it. The funny thing is that the hole got to a certain size probably the first day of digging and then never really got bigger after that, even though I can think of no less than 10 different kids who helped him with the hole. No kidding - cousins, friends, fellow preschoolers. They all jumped at the chance of digging in the hole! For awhile there I think we were the "cool" parents thanks to that hole!


Olivia Carter said...

Kids are SO CUTE!

Chad said...

I dont think the picture does the whole justice either. It was hilarious because everytime a kid would come over, they would take a turn with the shovel - Like it was some sort of unspoken right of passage amongst kids 6 and under. I think 8 or 9 kids gave their hand at digging that hole. I know the neighbors loved it - nothing boosts property values like miscellaneous holes in your neighbors backyard.

Kari said...

Hilarious. Ezra has been digging his little heart out lately, too. When TJ and I promised Ezra could help in the garden on Saturday, he reminded us every half hour or so until we got our lazy rears out there.