Sunday, May 25, 2008

Mystery Solved

Gabe locked himself in the toy room. You know those little key things that you use to open newer door knobs? For some reason the builders neglected to leave any of them in our house (in our previous house they left them over each door frame). Well, after living in our house for a couple of months I discovered that they HAD left behind a whole, brand new door knob, in the box, in the boy's bathroom. It had a key. By the way, we haven't been able to find any kind of key that works besides those stupid things, and I haven't been able to find them on sale at Lowe's or anything by themselves. So we only have one key.
And on the day that Gabe locked himself in the toy room, I couldn't find the key. And the door opens to the inside so I couldn't take it off they hinges. And he was freaking out.
So I decided to take the door knob off and try and open it that way. But, DUH, the door knob is what turns the thingie that opens the door, which I realized after Gabe had half of the knob on his side (see picture). Smart boy that he is though, I asked him to stick his half back through the hole and he did. With just his half in I was able to access the lock part with the screw driver and free the toddler. It was quite an ordeal.
I found the key on the computer desk the next day.
There, now you can sleep at night, knowing what that picture is.

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Ash said...

LOL, THANK YOU! I never would have guessed that! Glad you didn't have to do anything drastic to get him out!