Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Top Ramen for the Soul

I had to go shopping at Walmart today. With the boys. Which I loathe. Really. There is something about that store that makes them act like they hate each other and me. It was a big trip too - not just groceries, but diapers, and wipes, and hoses, and dishwashing detergent, and all that extra stuff that you only have to do every so often. I was ready to stick my kids in daycare by the time we got out of there. Then it started to pour on the way home. So do I extend the misery by dragging all fifty bags inside in the rain? Not today. I did multiple dashes over an hour or so with an umbrella, when I thought the rain was letting up, trying to grab the milk and other refrigerated items first (curses on the cashier for not bagging the milk or packing the cool items together). Have you ever heard how much I hate slightly warm milk? WITH A PASSION.
To get the heart-warming part though - I was dropping things off on my dry porch and running back to the car for more, when sweetheart Gabe starts carrying all the bags from the porch inside, with his "doing good" smile on his face, and carefully enuniciating, "Here mommy." I guess he doesn't hate me after all.
*Notice the lovely new wood floors that my wonderful wonderful Chad installed over the weekend with Sabina's father. They will be getting a post dedicated to themselves in the future, but I had to mention them now. My husband definitely loves me.


Ash said...

You don't park in the garage anymore?

What a sweet Gabe. Rae often acts super sweet after acting super horrible. Her big "grocery shopping" help right now is getting the bags off the turn-table after the cashier fills them up. It's really cute, helpful, and distracting for her!

Katie said...

Did I park in the garage while you were here? That must have been the month or so when it was clean enough to do so. I was really thinking about that yesterday because mom actually cleaned it up enough that I could probably park in there but there is a bunch of stuff from the wood floors that needs hauled to the dump.

Whenever Colin tries to help with the bags off the turn-table the cashiers always chide him about moving.

Bob said...

Gabe is so cute. I can't wait until July.

Audra said...

I love your floors and I know you will love them too (although with 7 kids, it does make the downstairs louder)! That is so sweet him helping you!!!

Oh,and I never drained the Top Ramen. Always ate it like a soup!