Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The (almost) perfect date

Colin finished his 50th reading lesson a couple of weeks ago, so yesterday evening was designated as the big date day. Colin was excited about going to Zuma with me, and was consequently in a wonderful mood all day. I don't know how many times he came up to me throughout the day and gave me a big hug and said "I love you Mom!" Finally Chad came home from work, we ate dinner, and it was time to go!

Colin continued his sweetness by presenting me with a flower as we were walking to the car.

First we played miniature golf and Colin knew that my back has been having problems so picked up my ball for me after every hole. He was such a gentleman. The sun was in his eyes in that picture - I swear he did it with a smile on his face each time.

Like most sports, Colin takes his mini golf very seriously. The smile cracked in the second picture is after he hit an incredible hole-in-one! This is where the "almost perfect" date part comes in. The one fault he had as a date was that he liked to brag about his awesome golf skills, comparing them to mine, which are definitely below his.

After the golf, Colin again showed his incredible coordination on the kiddie go-carts. He had that intense look of concentration on the whole time, and never once even bumped the side. I got a real kick out of watching him.

In typical Zuma fashion, the train wasn't working at first and while the guy went to try and get it started, Colin used the time to joke around with me. I like these pictures because I can rarely catch a true Colin smile these days.

He capped off the fun with a ride on the airplanes, and then it was off to.....


Where Colin commented that we could share a banana split, because it's a banana SPLIT!

It was a wonderful evening and it was so good to spend some time alone with my sweet boy. Sometimes I keep so caught up in the day to day discipline and worry over whether my kids are behaving or not that I forget what great kids they really are. As I walked along holding Colin's hand last night, I got to remember how incredible and fun and adorable he is.

On the way home I was warning him that bed-time was coming and he told me, "But Mom, my whole body is with wide awake! My whole body is having a party!"


Mom said...

Oh, fun, fun, fun!! And I love Colin's "true" smiles!

James said...

We went to Sonic yesterday as well! Island Fire Burgers are back! :)

Olivia Carter said...

Oh, that is SO CUTE & looks like SO MUCH FUN!

Katie said...

I saw something about those Island Fire Burgers. Are they pretty good?

Christie said...

VERY good. The sauce is something you don't taste everyday and it's hard to put a finger on.
(And of course bacon and cheese is always good!)

Bob said...

You're such a good mom!

Lyric said...

what a doll! he has the cutest smile and he looks so happy.