Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Family Night

The Jeppsons have started pouring in for the family reunion. Ashley arrived on Sunday with her kiddos, and her husband Roy drove into town before noon today (cross-country in 2 1/2 days - Holy Moley!). Tomorrow marks the arrival of the Blairs, Thursday brings Aaron and Jamie and my parents, and on Saturday Lindsey comes with her little family (quantity and size :o).

Last night we went to watch the airplanes take off at a park overlooking the airport runway.

For some reason this picture of my brother Bobby (or "Robert", as many "adults" call him) really makes me smile.
Ashley's children Rae and Blaise adore each other, as you can see.

My niece Jovie, the little big girl.

Yonas, Silas, and Ruby with their Aunt and cousins. Can you beat those smiles?

Cousins Colin and Santi

The rascals joined by the even bigger rascals, Evan and Nolan. Chad would call this (good natured-ly, of course) "the dork squad."

Levi and Chad talking of manly things, I am sure.

Gabe really loved the airplanes. He was just sad we weren't going on one. I wasn't.


Kari said...

All the Jeppson kids (plus offspring!) sounds like one fabulous party. Hope you guys have a great time and that the police don't get called in too often for the noise!

lindsey said...

this makes me wish we were there already! especially since i have soooo much to do between now and then and i really dodn't want to do it... can't wait to see everyone in a few days!

Meredith said...

Love the pictures----looks like you guys had a great time---watching the grandkids play together---love those pics

James said...

I missed the airplanes! Sounds like fun; too bad we didn't get there a day sooner.