Sunday, July 6, 2008

You know you are in South Carolina when....

THIS is your ward 4th of July party!

South Carolina is really into fireworks, and though we live in North Carolina, our ward is in right over the border. The men in the ward pool together their money every year and pull off a fabulous fireworks show behind the church. We were in Spokane last summer for it, so this was our first time and we were very impressed! It was at least a half hour long!

Bobby and family came along. There was a potluck and lots of games and activities for kids and parents beforehand. I think it was the perfect way to spend the 4th.

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Ash said...

Man, fun! Once again, I wish I lived somewhere that had something like that! We skipped the whole firework thing but if we had been there we would have gone! Hmmm, maybe UNC Charlotte will be hiring next year. :)