Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Operation:Keep Busy

Day 1:

Watched TMNT with the boys at the summer movies. Two movie theaters near us have had not-so-new kid movies playing all summer - one for free and one for a dollar each. We have taken advantage of it whenever we have had the time. Movies seen this summer: Happy Feet, Prince of Egypt, The Water Horse, Alvin and the Chipmunks, and Madagascar. I bring lots of snacks to keep the boys satisfied and busy. Today it was Wheat Thins, string cheese, and grapes. By the way, TMNT was really really really lame and way too violent (and not even in a cool way). I really should have checked it out beforehand, but I probably would have gone anyway because it kills an hour and a half and it is air-conditioned.

After the movie we stopped by Old Navy for some new flip flops for me and Chad.

The rest of the day was dedicated to cleaning things that have been driving me crazy - the downstairs shoe closet, under the couches, inside the bench in my front room - and a ton of normal cleaning that I have been bad about. My feet are killing me, but I can no longer see scraps of food under the couch, so I am a happy girl.

Now Sabina is coming over to watch the top 4 on So You Think You Can Dance. Woohoo! I think I will make some mango smoothies and relax. Wish you could be here Audra!!!!!!!

One more day down, and I didn't waste it....


Ash said...

How early was Gabe? Someone needs to go full-term like me! The last week of my pregnancy with Blaise was hard because I could tell I was in the early stages of labor, but I still had to go about my business and stay busy until it was actually time.

Do you feel like things are back to normal and cleaned up from the family reunion?

Katie said...

Gabe was one week early, so I keep telling myself not to even think about it until next week. The days that I mind are the days where I am having contractions, forcing me to wonder, and like you said, you still just have to go about your business.

Things are pretty much back to "normal." I am still adjusting to Chad not being around to spoil me with his housekeeping.

Jonelle said...

I am sorry to hear the new TMNT movie is like that. Our family loves the old trilogy!

As for the new baby, I vote for August 28th as the birthday. I can vouch for it being a good one!

Katie said...


I know! I have very fond memories of the old one.

As much as I would love the baby to share such an awesome birthday, I will absolutely murder you if he is born on August 28th -and I say that with all the love in my heart :o)

How was X-Files?

Christie said...

It's can aim for Aug 20th!

Katie said...

Looks like it is too late for Jamie's birthday....I'll go for Lily's.

Jonelle said...

Speaking of the X-files, the 13th would work too. And the movie was great. It is not a blockbuster like Dark Knight, but it has a classic old school thriller feel, plus the unbeatable chemistry between Mulder and Scully. No promises, but I think you would appreciate it.