Thursday, September 25, 2008


We went to Copperhead Island yesterday. Then to Petsmart (just to see the cats) and McDonald's.

I'm getting used to it, this whole infedility thing. It doesn't really weigh on my conscience as much as it used to.

Not long after Oliver was born, we went to Quizno's for lunch as a family. Only Colin was in school, so he wasn't there. It was such a weird feeling, doing something fun without him. All I could think was, "Anyone watching us right now has no idea that we have another son." Like I was denying Colin's existence, just by doing something with everyone but him. It felt so wrong. This is a very new experience for me.

Since Chad is still on paternity leave, we have done many activities sans Colin, and everytime we do, I try not to mention it to him later. I feel bad for the guy. Working hard at school while the four of us are together, having fun.

But he always notices if there is a new McDonald's toy in the house, and he also likes to ask us what we did that day, and Chad, who thinks I need to "get over it," feels free to rub it in each and every time.

That's okay. I really am getting over it, and I think Colin is too.


Ashley said...

Rae has a little mommy and me preschool group twice a week, so Blaise and I always go and do some shopping or something while she is there. I feel the same way as you - no one knows I have a daughter! And Blaise is an angel when he's alone with me so it's always delightful. I wish it was longer than though!

When does Chad go back to work? I am so jealous! For the first time in our marriage Roy has a real job and although it's a pretty easy job it's not as flexible as school was. It's been a hard adjustment and I'm counting the days till Christmas break!

Katie said...

Chad is going back on Oct. 6th. He ended up taking 6 weeks. WOOHOO! I am really loving it and I will be a big adjustment when he goes back.

Props to BofA and their paid paternity leave.

Audra & Levi said...

I would feel weird except my kids LOVE school so much. But then at the same time Lettie was requesting to go to Chuck E Cheese the other day and I could not help but think I felt bad about doing that when I was not taking the other kids. But I still may do that for her sometime!

James said...

If it helps, just think of how many times the oldest got to go somewhere and do something fun without the younger siblings (before they were born, etc.). Seems fair enough to me.

Kari said...

Tell me you didn't just write the phrase, "paternity leave." Wow, I'm so out of touch!