Monday, October 13, 2008

Gabe's 3rd birthday celebration

Gabe's birthday isn't technically until tomorrow, the 14th, but we had his big celebration with aunts, uncles, and cousins, yesterday. We are telling him that today is his birthday, because Chad has the day off for Columbus Day. Chuck-E-Cheese's and Red Robin are on the schedule.

I love this video because he is taking the whole thing so seriously. He has seen so many birthdays this year because of all his relatives here, so he has been just waiting and waiting for his big day to finally come. And you gotta love the spit on the cake with the second blow.

It always feels like Gabe's birthday begins the holiday season in our house. Halloween quickly follows, and then the fun doesn't stop until Colin's b-day in April. Woohoo! Party time!


Bob said...

He will still get a call from Granny and Grandpa on his real birthday.

lindsey said...

when i told seth about the video he said "i really want to go back to the east coast to visit" sadly the down side of this job is the vacation time.. he doesnt get any the first year. i'm really sad... i miss you guys. anyway really cute video. gabe has grown up so much since the reunion. i'm the first to say happy official birthday gabers!

Ashley said...

Would he be confused if we called today and said happy birthday?

Katie said...

Probably not.