Thursday, October 23, 2008

Lovely day

On Wednesday, Gabe and I went to Colin's school and had lunch with him (at 10 am!). This was both of the boy's first time eating cafeteria food and they pretty much just ate the pear, broccoli, and chocolate milk. They barely touched the "cheese sticks." Wise choice boys. Wise choice.

It was fun to sit with Colin's classmates, who all got a kick out of mini-Colin and the baby in the sling. Colin barely said a word to me the whole time. He just sat there and smiled, basking in the attention, and offered to throw away my trash for me. I really enjoyed seeing him as a part of his class - just such a citizen of the world, that little boy of mine. His teacher and assistant both made a point of coming over and telling me, in great lengths, about what a wonderful and smart boy he is.
Which was good, because I had to keep reminding myself of that on Friday - which I will get to later.

After that I met Sabina at Freedom Park (after an hour of trying to find each other because we didn't know there were two different entrances and we had each chosen a different one!).

Evan and Gabe enjoyed each others' company, as Sabina and I did, and Liam and Oliver were content to just go along for the ride.

The park was beautiful and Gabe enjoyed it when the ducks followed him.

Evan, being the carefree boy that he is, just could not resist venturing down and across the rocks on a stream. And yes, he did end up with a soaked pant leg.

"Racing" each other. I love seeing Evan and Gabe hanging out. Gabe has always been the baby of the group, and Evan has always been the little brother of Santi. Both of them are growing out of those roles, and when they get together, Gabe loves to let Evan led, which Evan loves, and Gabe loves to be treated like his pal. It is very sweet.

By the way, you aren't crazy. I just posted this today (Saturday) but it is showing that it is from Thursday because I started it then.


Ashley said...

What happened on Friday?

Audra & Levi said...

looks like fun! i need to have lunch with my kids, i am just scared to bring jovie & callie.