Thursday, October 9, 2008

Thank You Chad

For surprising me with these beautiful flowers just because they reminded you of me.
They remind you of me? WOW. You must be sweet on me.

Now James and Roy hate you even more ;)


lindsey said...

oh seth too... except seth knows better than to bring home a plant and claim it is for me ;)

James said...

I guess my goodie points for having flowers sent while in Charlotte musta worn off already.

Not too many plants out here that don't poke, draw blood, and burn like mad for a while.

Audra & Levi said...


Just kidding! They are very pretty and they have a bit of that Katie style to them!

Levi brought me sunflowers last week because I was not feeling well. They are in a tall green vase and look very pretty without any arranging (because I really have no skills in that dept.) Did you rearrange these?

Katie said...

Audra - these were actually delivered to me like that and everything! Fancy Pancy!

James said...

There is a Non Sequitur (Obviousman) comic Chad needs to see. I'm trying to find it online.

Ashley said...

Roy actually got me flowers a few weeks ago. I only let him buy walmart flowers because that's all we can afford.

I know what's going on...Oliver is six weeks old now. Yup, it's all so clear now!

Katie said...

Ashley - I was totally going to make a joke about the six weeks thing.

And Chad is a cheapo too. He got these for free through his reward points at work (and that is more than okay with me!)