Sunday, October 26, 2008

Wednesday was lovely, and then there was Thursday

My precious Gabriel, taking a nap on the couch on Thursday, with those gorgeous lashes lying on his rosy cheeks. Beautiful sight, but a little strange, for a boy who has pretty much given up naps. What is going on?


Puke-city. That's what. Yes, I took the time to take a picture before cleaning him up. In situations like this, you have to get your kicks where you can.
I was driving to pick Colin up from school on Thursday, and just outside of our neighborhood Gabe starting throwing up. I pulled over and called my ever-gracious and caring sister-in-law, Sabina, explained what was wrong, and asked her to pick the boys up for me. I am so grateful that she picked the phone up after the first ring and dropped everything to help me out. This yucky situation could have been so much worse if I had had to continue on my way.
The next morning, Bobby was driving the boys to school when Colin announced, not the least bit embarrassed, "Um, I just tooted, and something came out."
And so Colin came home and I got to take care of two boys with stuff coming out of both ends, and a baby, who I was supremely afraid would catch the same bug.
When your kindergartener finally gets used to school, when they finally stop crying at night that they hate it and it's so boring and they don't want to ever go again, and decide that they love it, and then they get sick and have to stay home,
but they don't feel sick and have tons of energy,
and are used to doing things ALL day long,
and they can't go anywhere because they are sick,
and their little brother is sick and doesn't want to play,
and they can't touch their little brother,
and their mom is already a little grumpy because she has been up to her elbows in grossness,
chances are, your kindergartener is going to go crazy,
and in turn, drive you absolutely crazy.


Olivia Carter said...

ah man, I know this LOVELY moment all too well! Twice in the last week!

mom and grandma of BOLTON BUNCH said...

I remember those kind of days and don't envy you at all. Hopefully it was just the 24 hour thing and Friday was better? It is so nice that you and Sabina are close enough and able to help each other out.

Christie said...

Oh, man, no fun at all! Sounds like Oliver didn't get it? Knock on wood...Amelia hasn't ever had a tummy bug. Elizabeth only has 2 or maybe 3 times and James steps in and is the hero and handles her while she's throwing up. The other end I don't mind so much since I'm changing diapers anyway.

Ashley said...

Ugh, totally feel for you! Rae and Blaise haven't had the tummy trouble for a while now and I'm hoping it will stay that way! Barfing kids who can't make it to the toilet are the worst!

Audra & Levi said...

That is a very disgusting pic. My stomach is turning now. And last year I had the day of the 4 puking kids... I thought I would have a break down trying to keep up with the puke

James said...

By "handles her", Christie means "stand in the shower and take the hit so you can comfort the child and make clean up easier". Now when they're old enough to understand what is going on and they can make it to the bathroom themselves, I'll skip the shower part. Daddy hugs and back rubs will still be free, though.

Katie said...

Yeah Audra, I thought it was a pretty gross picture myself, and Chad is still in shock that I posted it :O)