Monday, October 27, 2008


When I was in first grade, our class planned a huge Thanksgiving meal. A feast for a six year old, with moms providing pie, stuffing, cranberry sauce, and our teacher bringing in the turkey. I can still remember making the butter in class - shaking it in a jar or some such method.

What excitement! What a break from the normal reading lessons and sack lunches!

So when that day approached, and I arrived at school with a little tummy-ache, I kept it to myself. No pain was going to stop me from partaking of rolls smothered with that butter.

The preparations ensued, and then quite suddenly, before I had a chance to touch those rolls, I had to use the restroom and quickly got permission. Before I could make it there, I had an experience very much like the one that Colin had in Bobby's car the other day.

And so I had to go home before that glorious meal.

This is the all-too-true story I repeated to Colin on Saturday. You see, our ward Trunk-or-Treat was that night, and Colin was still having his "accidents" every few hours and Gabe had spent the previous night with a bowl next to him. Candy, cake walks, and passing-of-the-germs were definitely out the question for the whole family.

As you can imagine, Colin was pretty devastated, so his daddy came up with a cheerful plan for our evening home.

We would build a fort in the living room, and then eat dinner and watch a movie in there.

And then we would put on costumes and do our trick or treating out of a bathroom instead of a trunk.
Daddy saved the day.
At the end, Colin said something about "maybe next Halloween," at which point we realized that the whole time we were partying in our living room, Colin had thought we were missing Halloween! The whole shebang! Oh, that poor poor boy. What surprise, relief, and delight raced across his face when we explained his mistake.
I gotta admit that for a boy who thought he was missing Halloween, he sure handled it well.


Ashley said...

Man, you have some violent boys there! Glad you were able to have some fun and isn't it nice that Colin was able to stay strong thinking he missed Halloween?! He sure is growing up!

We finally have our first Halloween party tomorrow. Rae has been talking nonstop about Halloween for two months now! I'm glad it's finally here and almost over with!

Bob said...

Great story. Colin is such a good kid. For Halloween Linda is going to Trunk or Treat. I will turn off the front lights, grade papers and watch TV in our bedroom. I wish I had a grandkid near by.

I have three sick days that I remember. I had to miss scout camp one year. I also remember throwing up on my sister in the car on the way hom from Yellowstone Park after eating chocolate cake. I also was home sick the day that my boss accidently shot himself in his office playing with a gun.

Katie said...

Seriously Ashley! I was thinking the same thing (about the violence!) They certainly didn't get it from their daddy - can you imagine Chad fighting?

Dad - I am laughing so hard thinking about you throwing up on Sharon and your boss shooting himself.

Katie said...

What a second - I am laughing about him shooting himself? Maybe they got their violent nature from me?

James said...

Maybe it's just because I grew up in the army, but I saw nothing wrong with playing fort and dressing as soldiers. Boys like to be heroic. My dad made sure we knew about gun safety and that war wasn't glamorous, but we also learned there are times when it is needed. No different than police, firefighters, and other heroes.

Christie said...

It does crack me up to see your kids' costume choices. Hope they are A-OK for Friday!