Saturday, November 22, 2008

Too fun to be called babysitting

Last Saturday Evan and Santi hung out with us while Bobby worked and Sabina went to the temple. Those four boys have so much fun together that I just have to check in on them every once in awhile to make sure they aren't up to too much mischief. I thought this was a cute picture of them.

Not long ago I was talking to Audra on the phone and Lettie was driving her crazy by "doing the dishes" and making a big mess. Hehe. Sorry Audra. When I watched Lettie, Jovie, and Callie on Thursday, right after we finished lunch, Lettie hopped up and gathered everyone's plates and proceeded to help me by washing them. Since I don't have to deal with the mess that it could create daily, I thought it was sweet :o)

Oliver got so much love that day! Those three girls just mothered him, and he really loved every second of it. He is used to lots of boys who come up and just say "OLIVER! Oleeeeveeeer!" really loudly in his face. These little girls, on the other hand, were quite gentle, and tucked him in with soft blankets and stuffed animals.

Callie being goofy with her sister.


Audra and Levi said...

I was hoping you would post a pic of that! Man! Lettie is doing such a good job with the dishes in that picture I may have to get her to do dishes more often! She is a really good helper! Thanks again for watching them!

Sabina said...

I love that picture of the boys. And who could that being yelling "Oliver" in his face. Evan is definitely trying to teach Liam patience and pure love.

Katie said...

Hehe, Gabe and Colin yell in his face too!