Monday, December 7, 2009

Dear Santa,

For Christmas, Colin would like some Wii games. He says you can choose which ones - "maybe a Legos one or something like that." He also wants a remote control airplane, but we have explained to him how quickly those things break, so I think don't you are going to bring one, right?

Gabe wants a Master Yoda light saber. Not the fancy ones that light up-he prefers the cheap ones that hook onto his pants pockets so well. Fine by me. He also wants a "Optimus Prime that transforms into a remote control truck", which is a toy I am pretty sure doesn't exist. If you are feeling frisky, try and whip one of those babies up in your workshop will ya?

Oliver only has one request - that we keep you far far away from him. I will make a few requests on his behalf - a baby doll stroller, a shape sorter, and the desire to sit still for any amount of time. Okay, that last one is for me. If he could make a gift request, I think it would be his own personal stepladder.

It was fun to see you at the Manor House (thank you for being so jolly) and to see your "helper Santa" later on at the ward Christmas Party. Colin figured out that he was just your helper because his beard was fake, and Gabe recognized Mrs. Claus as his Sunbeams teacher. I'm glad you have such nice people helping you. I know we are all spread a little thin around the holidays. Speaking of which, please don't space it and forget to include some batteries in their stockings - we always need them.

Merry Christmas,
The Colemans

*2008 Santa visit, and 2007 Santa visit

*This year's pictures provided for free by our community and taken by Phil Morris Jr, who was by far my favorite Santa photog they have had.


Kelly said...

Love that list for your baby and you. Merry Christmas.

Olivia Carter said...

Great Christmas list! I laughed OUT LOUD about the 'Optomis Prine into Truck' toy.

Great pictures. I'm pretty sure both my kids will refuse to sit on Santa's lap.

Anonymous said...
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Ashley said...

Ugh, remote control airplanes - Roy got one for Fathers Day a few years back. I think he used it twice before it broke.

Blaise is totally fickle about Santa this year. He has seen three of them and was only friendly with one. I wonder if it is because he knows Santa isn't real, so he is wondering who's lap he is sitting on :)

Isaac has screamed with all three Santas.

A baby stroller was one of the top toys in our house for years. I didn't replace the last one when it broke, but I'll probably get Isaac one at some point.

Katie said...

Ashley - I have been looking for a doll stroller but haven't found one yet. Okay, I have only looked at Walmart, but I yeah....short on time. Have you seen one anywhere recently?

Yeah, if a kid knew that Santa wasn't real it would be even weirder to sit on Santa's lap. It is kind of weird to begin with.

Ashley said...

Do you have Amazon Prime? We got a membership for Christmas last year. If you don't have it I could order it for you and ship it to your house. It is even blue!

Ashley said...

Also, Toys R US seems to have them