Friday, January 15, 2010

Sunshine in Winter

It was 2:00 pm and I finishing up some chores so that I could get Oliver and Gabe ready to leave for the daily school pick-up.

Chad called to let me know that he was leaving work a little early - would I like him to pick the boys up?

And so, all the sudden, I had more than an hour freed up in my day - an hour that is always otherwise occupied. An hour that didn't have dishes or laundry assigned to it.

An hour to just play on the trampoline under sunny blue skies.

All the more pleasant because it was out of the routine, just like the 60 degree weather - a gift when none were expected.

Really, I can't tell you how happy this made me.

(the helmet was Gabe's request and is more of a fashion statement than a safety precaution, in case you were wondering about it :)


Kelly said...

What a nice break! Give your husband an extra kiss.

Christie said...

Yes, I was going to ask about the helmet!

Olivia Carter said...

Oh man! I LOVE when that happens! I'm REALLY jealous of your weather. I mean... REALLY! Great pics too!

Audra said...

I know... the sun is so good for the soul! The kids have played out in it and Levi has taken them to the park twice. But we still have not taken down our Christmas lights.

Katie said...

Audra - I finally took mine down on Thursday. I was the last one on my street and I know I was *this* close to getting an HOA letter.