Monday, February 15, 2010

In honor of the diet I am supposed to start tomorrow

Serving size 2 Tbsp.?!

40 servings per container?!

"HA!" I say.



Ashley said...

I know, I get like 4 servings out of one of those containers :) But the calories don't count if you spray it directly into your mouth - because you aren't measuring it!

Olivia Carter said...

You want to know something weird about me? I hate WHIPPED CREAM. Really. truly. dislike. I scrap is off of pie, hot coco, ice cream. Bleh. But good job treating yourself.

My best diet advice is make a lot in advance & put it in baggies in the frezzer (things like the soup and stew and chili and stuff. I'll post my healthy turkey chili recipe today). Then when you don't feel like cooking its there and ready so you don't just grab soemthing bad for you. (It's a good idea to do this with seasoned chicken and stuff to through on a salad).

Anyway, I'm done. Just let me know if you want to talk diet or healthy food. I'm just working hard on it so I understand

Kelly said...

Ha Ha Ha indeed!

Autumn Wilkins said...