Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Paying Up

Audra and Levi finally had a chance today to go on their Valentine's Day date (not sure if we can call it that on Feb. 23) that Audra won from my give-away. Since they went on a lunch date and three of their kids were in school, I only ended up watching four of their kids (Nolan and Yonas are home-schooled) and they came to my house. I would say I got off pretty easy. Actually, really easy. They kept Oliver and Gabe happy for a few hours and all of them are good good kids. I like being an aunt.

Now to fulfill this blog obligation. Sorry Ashley and Mom!


Olivia Carter said...

It must be so nice to have family close by. I've got some great friends but there are somethings that only family can provide. Wish I lived close to you guys!

Audra said...


Except for the getting lost thing, we had a great time, and great food. I bascially made that meal last all day!!! Then Levi made the mistakes of leaving his leftovers in the fridge... I snuck a little bit of those too... but I did not eat the whole thing! And the kids were so excited to go see Aunt Katie!