Thursday, March 18, 2010


I was browsing through fabric on Fat Quarter Shop recently, looking for something for a home project I am working on (which will be revealed soon), and I realized that there was a common theme to the fabrics I was drawn to: ALL FLORAL

Not surprising, I guess, considering my love affair with flowers. I also lean towards green, as evidenced by the green that shows up all over my house - again, I think it is the nature thing. I love earthy colors.

What about you? Do you find yourself choosing the same type of colors over and over again in your home? Or even your clothing?

And does anyone know of a great place to buy modern looking fabric online? Charlotte has NO good fabric stores (unless, that is, you live in Charlotte and know of one! please share!)


jes and scott said...

You have heard of Mary Jo's right? That's the best I can do for Charlotte...And I have been drawn to turquoise lately, a color that is totally out of my black/white/brown usual color scheme.

Olivia Carter said...

Lovely, lovely fabrics.

I like grays a lot lately. For fabrics and for clothes. Gray with any color just looks fab. And it's a neutral that isn't boring like white or drab like black.

I love those floral designs though. LOVE.

I like the Repro Depo.

Also Marimekko Fabrics too:

Katie said...


I have NOT heard of Mary Jo's! Please do tell!

Thanks for the links Olivia...and last Sunday my mom was looking fabulous wearing a gray skirt with a yellow sweater, and I told her, "That reminds me of Olivia!" and she replied, "I thought of her when I put it together!"

Katie said...

Oh, and Jes, the fabric I ended up going with features turquoise in it, which is totally out of my comfort zone, but I love it!

Katie said...

Okay Jes, just looked up Mary Jo's and now I remember hearing about it when I first moved to the it good? I really need to take my mom there - she would go NUTS!

Cat said...

Katie, I've never been to Mary Jo's but when anyone around here asks about fabric stores it is THE place that is always mentioned. I used to work with a woman who would make weekly trips to Gastonia just to browse there. The woman started selling fabric in her father's grocery store, I believe, and it just grew (more like exploded) from there.

There is also Fabric World up on Harris Blvd near 77. I got some material there for curtains on our sliding glass door. It's nothing fancy - lots of bolts and lots of different types of fabric and fairly affordable.

Good luck!!

jes and scott said...

Okay, Mary Jo's looks scary when you get there. It's a big warehouse. Looks nothing like on line. The first time I was so overwhelmed I almost left. But it is great. You could spend hours there. There is almost any fabric you could want there and all the other notions you might need. It's worth the drive. I would carve out a couple hours though and try to go when you don't have to take the kids. There are no carts and a pretty strict policy on no food! I've brought a stroller before though and it worked fine.

Anonymous said...

First of all, you must experience Mary Jo's. It is fabulous! Make sure you check their hours before you go. They close on the :45 of hour, and they mean it.

As far as online fabric goes, try

Linda Curtis

Naila said...

There are plenty of online fabric of my faves are :

hope it helps..I hoard fabrics. I keep thinking I'm going to do something but never have the time. Sadly, my stash is piling up.

Audra said...

I am totally re-doing my whole house. No lie... painting EVERYTHING... and I just laid floor. You can see it tomorrow. I am freain' amazing... but that is beside the point. The point is... I am not drawn to flowers unless they are the abstract stuff. But I am drawn to very liner things, very shiney thing (like all the shiney silver in my shop), and modern stuff. But I have been STUMPED on what to paint my upstairs, and you post made me realize I am going abuot it wrong. I need to find a curtain or something with colors I like and tken them from that. Ok... that is what is on my mind.

Katie said...

Audra - yes! Your paint doesn't have to be the focal point, and it doesn't all have to steam from the paint color. Anything can be the inspiration that the rest of the design ties into!