Thursday, April 8, 2010

Another date with Gabe

Gabe got to reading lesson #50, so it was time for another date with Mom. There was only one place he was interested in going!

Aloha Snow!

I know he is making a funny face, but trust me, he was thrilled. He got the Tiger's Blood, of course.

Ollie waiting for his - look at those envious eyes!

It was a deliciously hot day and my stuffed strawberry shortcake sno ball just hit the spot.

25 more lessons until he gets another date, then 25 more 'til he gets a party. We should have another reader in the family by summer!


Olivia Carter said...

Good ol' Tigers Blood. I remember always getting it in Monticello. It's still what I always get too. I"ll bet it was FABULOUS with ice cream. I'm jealous!

Ashley said...

I can't wait to get one next month! Hmmmm, what flavor should I get....

I'm probably going to start those lessons with Blaise when we start homeschooling Rae in the fall. I'll have to do what you do and have a bribe every 25 lessons. (I never got to use the book with Rae, which is good, but I was looking forward to doing it)

Chad Coleman said...

That picture with Ollie cracks me up. What daze that kid is in. He loves his sweets so much. I still can't believe we didn't allow Colin sugar until he was 18 months old. I will say, it is much easier with the first. Once you have the other kiddos drinking juice and eating candy, there is no way the toddler won't go nuts.

I am a big Tiger's blood fan as well - plus it just sounds cool.

Bob, Dad and Grandpa said...

Stay away from the low cal Tiger's Blood. It just isn't the same.

Em said...

oh how i want.