Monday, April 12, 2010

Family Movie Night and Pistachios

We got a little care package from Chad on Saturday - packed with goodies for everyone. I declared that evening to be Family Movie Night.

After a long day, Family Movie Nights are really for me. My only responsibility with the kids after bathing them and getting them in PJs was to dish out enough candy to rot their teeth and keep them quiet through the Coleman family favorite -Kung Fu Panda.

All while eating enough pistachios to sting my salty lips. Thanks Dew, but next time, please send a smaller bag. You know your lovely wife has no self-control.

Anyone else out there adore pistachios? They really make me think longingly of California.


Ashley said...

I almost got some at Aldi today. Yummy yummy! When did you get a new couch??

Ashley said...

Hmmm, looking back at old posts it looks like you've had it at least a month. It looks nice!

Olivia Carter said...

That's so sweet!

And I LOVE pistachios! I eat them until my lips burn too, and then I eat more!

Christie said...

Making me want to bust out my Pistacho Crisps right now!

It's usually a movie afternoon around here. I find The Princess and the Frog or Up to be a great way to fill the gap between checking the mail at 3pm and dinner at 5pm.

Then we play outside between dinner and bath/bed. It's nice and cool then.

lindsey said...

MMM I havent had pistachios in so long... we finally went and got toy story on saturday, so thats been the fav around here. Lily acted like she didn't like kung fu panda very much, but still talks about it alot, so I think we should give it another shot.

Em said...

this makes me want popcorn and a movie. and maybe some swedish fish:-)

Audra said...

I love family movie nights! They are just easy!!!