Thursday, May 13, 2010

Worth a 15 minute drive

Maybe this post is a little braggy, but I had to share some good news - the school Colin attends, Smith Academy of International Languages, just received an award for being the top elementary magnet school in the nation! It was also one of the five finalists for the overall award. Hurray for Smith! I can't tell you how happy we are to be a part of Smith and how impressed we have been with his teachers, teacher's assistants, and all the little extras the school has that makes it so special. It isn't an excellent school because it is an language immersion school, it is an excellent school period.


Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more! Smith is a great school!

Linda C.

Olivia Carter said...

Jealous! I'm seriously worried now that we are still in Utah & Syd is getting to be "school age". I can't homeschool for "real" school. I'm just not that smart nor dedicated. But the schools here are frighteningly low on actual education & high on teen pregnancy (I won't worry about that for kindergarden I guess - HA!) but that's a whole other story!

But I do wish we had an option like this. I love hearing updates on how his school is going!

Christie said...

Yeah, one of the things I worry about most living in this area is school. Only one more year before Elizabeth goes. But Elizabeth is a unique kid anyway, so I guess I need to trust that if we're where we need to be, she'll get what she needs. Homeschooling is definitely not an option for Elizabeth at this point...she LIVES for interaction with other kids. She's SO excited about the prospect of cousins for the next few weeks.
I was telling friends at bookclub about your school last month. They were amazed.

lindsey said...

School is something we have had seriously consider with the prospect of Puerto Rico... If we are there when Lily gets close to 5 will we have to make enough to send her to a private school or try to weasle her way into a Base school.. The schools are ok here, but they keep cutting funds so who knows where they will be in 2 years when Lily goes to school.

Em said...

yahoo!!! that is really cool