Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Keepin' It Real Wednesday - Picture of the Day

Chad has the kids of the house

I decide to have a leisurely lunch in the peace and quiet of the empty house

No kids begging for forbidden soda

Tacos with guacamole

Breaking my own rules by eating in the living room

Watching "Say Yes to The Dress"

Soda explosion all over the couch.

Shhhh, don't tell Chad.


Olivia Carter said...

Oh man, those tacos look like heaven. Sometimes I'll send Scott downstairs to play with the kids and sit upstairs on my laptop and pretend I'm at home alone. Ahhh, sweet relaxation!

lindsey said...

I LOVE Say Yes to the dress :) Sometimes I let Lily watch tv in the loft so i can do the same... :)

Ashley said...

I end up spilling almost every time I eat on the couch - I should follow my own rule too :)

Those tacos look divine.

Audra said...

The hotel I had in Nashville had the lamest channels, so I too partook is a WHOLE LOTTA say yes to the dress while eating cheesecake leftovers! It was a marithon and all that was one. But when they casually ask what their budget is and the girls non-chalauntly reply "Oh, I was thinking no more than 8K!" I just about choke on my cheesecake!!! No spilling from me, but had I, it wasnt my furniture!

Em said...

figures. i always seem to make a big mess when the mess-makers are out, lol.

i eat on my couch every day for lunch with one of my shows i've recorded. heaven.