Monday, August 23, 2010

Oliver's 2nd Birthday Brunch

We had a birthday brunch for Ollie this morning. Breakfast casserole, pumpkin chocolate chip muffins with cream cheese frosting, fruit, bacon...I wish I would have taken some pictures of the food - it was good!

Ollie was very excited that we were celebrating his birthday. I was really surprised at how much he understood about what was going on.

After brunch, we went swimming, which is really Oliver's favorite thing in the whole world.

I know I talk a lot about what a rascal he is, but this kid has brought us so much joy in the past two years. He is such a sweet, happy, fun fun fun boy and I just think he is the cutest thing in the world.

We will do a little family celebration on his birthday (Wed) but it's also the first day of school so we needed to do the big deal earlier. Thanks for coming everyone! I have the best family!

Oliver's first birthday here.


Olivia Carter said...

Aw, that looks like so much fun! He really is a cute, cute kid!

kj said...

I love that picture of you and Ollie together. So sweet.