Monday, August 2, 2010

Slowest Living Room Makeover EVER Part I

So, this is what our living room looked like at the beginning of the year.

Forgive the graininess, I had to capture some stills from a video.

Then we were given a couch. A nice couch, in good condition, with two recliners. We couldn't pass it up. There was just one problem.

The couch is green. So are our walls - walls that I had no desire to repaint. Maybe we can make this work, we thought.

We decided to sell our old couches and use the money to buy new decor that would hopefully brighten up the room and make you not notice all the green. We also decided that the sectional was really configured better to watch a TV placed over the fireplace. We sold our old TV and the console it was on and bought a new TV that could mounted there. We needed to figure out how to mount it (or whether we would pay someone else to do it) and in the meantime we sat it on a bench we had picked up.

Now for the part that all my siblings have heard (and one even witnessed).

In May, Chad was watching the NBA finals. He is a Lakers fan. I realize that many of your husbands out there are not sports fans so you might not have witnessed profound affect a bad game can have on an otherwise delightful man. Consider yourself lucky. Earlier in the week, while watching *surprise surprise* a Lakers game, Chad threw the remote control and broke it. It was close to falling apart and the batteries kept falling out.

During this game, he was getting angry and I went upstairs so that I wouldn't have to witness it. Not long after, I heard him yelling, and then I heard his footsteps, slowly treading up the staircase. He walked into the bedroom, face pale, and his hands held up on either side of his head and gasped,
"I think I just broke the TV."

As he explains it, he had the remote batteries in his hand, and as he slammed his hand down in frustration, they flew out of his hands and hit the TV.

Or, as I explain it, he got mad, threw the batteries,and they hit the TV :o)

So, there you have it. Our two month old beautiful TV, and it was dead dead dead.

My response?

"We are NOT replacing it."

We haven't.

And we canceled the satellite.

Tomorrow I show you what is now hanging on the wall....and what the living room finally looks like finished.

*Full permission granted by Chad before writing this post, and again before publishing it.


Ashley said...

Wow, wow, wow.. I have been known to throw/hit/slam things in fits of anger, so I can totally relate. But if anyone were to hurt our new tv, I'd kick 'em out! :) Can't wait to see what you've done!

Oh, and I hardly even noticed all the green when we were visiting. But I'm not super observant when it comes to things like that.

Olivia Carter said...

Oh. My. Gosh.

I laughed so hard when I read this and read it outloud to Scott. He was like, "Oh man, that's sucks." He's not a big sports fan and I can't think of anything that really gets him that mad. Except getting hurt sometimes but that's so funny.

Probably not funny at the time though. :)

Kelly said...

WOW! That is some story. What a brave man to give permission for the posting of that story. That totally sucks for all of you. And what a great story to share in church when you're asked to give a talk on patience.

Christie said...

It was one of those totally sickening moments to witness. Seriously, I almost cried for him.

the Kevster said...

Ouch! That stinks. I always thought of Chad as so even-keeled. I watched the last game of the Suns/Lakers series at CA Pizza Kitchen in San Diego and yelled without thinking, only to have the entire restaurant turn and look at me... I was the only Suns fan amongst a room full of Laker lovers.

Em said...

I covet.