Friday, September 17, 2010

The Birthday Girl

My mom had her birthday on Wednesday. One of the best parts of having my parents in town is being able to celebrate special occasions with them. It was so nice to get together for tacos of every kind, good conversation, and lots of craziness from the kids.

All the Jeppson siblings went together this year and bought my mom a new camera, which immediately sent her into tears. She loved it! Thanks to my brother Levi who searched Charlotte for the perfect camera. We also got her tickets to see Mary Poppins with my dad last night and to have dinner uptown beforehand. I talked to my dad today and he said they had a great time. Thank you so much to all my siblings who pulled together so quickly and easily. I really think she felt the love! We DO love you Mom! So much!

I didn't get many pictures of the night. Colin took my camera and he and the cousins had a good time capturing their goofiness on for me. Here are a few shots that made me laugh. Especially the first one with Callie - she usually such a quiet little girl and there she is lookin' all saucy for the camera. This is what our gathering looks like:


Audra said...

My kids look like Pigpen! Ha!!! They had so much fun and the cake is beautiful!

Ashley said...

Umm, yeah Audra - bathe your kids much? ;)

So I suppose I owe ya some money eh? I'll get that off in the mail.

What is that stick she's pulling out of the bag?

Wish we could have been there to celebrate! We should have had a mini party here. We did get her some birthday ice cream though :)

Katie said...

Bryce also got her a walking stick!

Totally failed here and didn't get ice cream.

Linda, Mom and Granny said...

Well, I had ice cream at Ashley's,
I craving for ice cream so we went to our favorite place for ice cream and snow, Ahola Snow! I got a medium Layer Sundae; The 1st layer was chocolate/vanilla twist; 2st layer was orea crumbs and hot fudge; 3rd layer was chocolate ice cream: 4th layer was butterfingers crumbs, and more hot fudge,and whipped cream!
Four layers of YUMMMMMMY!! I loved it so much......I asked Audra to fill my cup halfway...Audra was generous with the amount of ice cream.

Thanks Audra!