Friday, September 24, 2010

Yesterday and Today

Yesterday was not a good one, and I blame no one but myself. I woke up feeling exhausted and couldn't shake the feeling all through my morning routine. I came home from the school drop-off and plopped in front of the computer and only talked myself into getting up to do a load of laundry and to load the dishwasher. Oliver and Gabe came to me with their various complaints and requests, and I fulfilled them, but I did very little else.

Did vegging out make me feel better? Hardly. It just made me feel completely brain-dead.

I had this feeling that I needed to just get everyone out the door and go somewhere, anywhere, but I talked myself out it, citing responsibilities here at the house.

I was hot too. I have really had it with 90 degree weather. Give me a crisp in the air, please.

I tried to put Oliver down for an early nap. He and I have been short on sleep as we try transitioning him into the big boys' room. I almost fell asleep but he came nowhere close. Two and a half hours later I gave up.

The blessing of my bad mood was that I saw it clearly for what it was: my problem. If the boys were getting on my nerves it was definitely ME, not them. Really, my boys seemed angelic to me. Little glowing bodies so quick to smile and engage me in their innocent conversations while I lay around silent and unshowered.

The afternoon demanded more action with dinner to make and two soccer practices. I turned the computer off. I was forced to move and I immediately started to feel better.

I know this about myself - that the times when I don't feel like doing anything are the times when I most need to get up and just take some postive action, even when I am pregnant and have a reason to be exhausted. I know that my energy levels, which are usually at slug levels anyway compared to someone like Chad, tend to get lower and lower with inactivity. I know what I need to do to.

Have I mentioned that I haven't been to the gym in weeks because of runny noses and coughs? Not helping.

Today is better. I will take the kids for a walk and shower and turn off the computer see what else the day holds. And I will appreciate those glowing smiles.


Merf said...

nicely put! you have inspired me to take a shower and get dressed....want to send me a cute little angel to spend time with?!!

Ashley said...

Couldn't have put it better - sounds exactly like things around here lately. Thanks for the reminder to get up and moving!

Bob, Dad and Grandpa said...

Kids with runny noses can go to grandpa's house while you go to the gym.

Christie said...

Can totally relate, even when not pregnant. And nice weather really will make a difference as well. Oh, except then it's going to get too cold there...forgot about that part.

kj said...

I read this post back when you posted it and just wanted to tell you that it has helped me get up and go in between then and now. Thank you.