Friday, October 29, 2010


Next March, the earth will begin to warm, the sweet spring breezes will begin, and I will be fully ripe. My cheeks and thighs will be as plump as my belly, my back will ache, and I will wake up at all hours of the night, uncomfortable with contractions and craving string cheese and grapes. My patience will be short, and the days will be long. I will crave spring more than I ever have.

On those long days, I will take a deep breath, waddle out to the backyard, sit on a lawn chair, and gaze at the labor filled gift I gave myself today - hundreds of daffodils. Those yellow faces will stretch out and smile like kindred spirits reminding me to keep my sense of humor.

And third trimester Katie will thank second trimester Katie from the bottom of her heart for knowing just what she needed.


Ashley said...

I really hope the tulips we planted will grow. It's funny because spring will be arriving around my due date here and your due date there! Right next to where we'll be putting the babies crib is a window that looks out to my tulip patch - I hope it's beautiful! I can't wait to see your daffodils! And I really hope we get to come down there this summer and squeeze each others babies!

Em said...