Saturday, October 16, 2010

More celebrity spotting

Last Sunday, Chad, my dad and I went to watch the taping of Music and The Spoken Word at the Tabernacle on Temple Square. I was just excited to go, and as we were walking in, a greeter told us that it was a good day to be there - President Monson was going to be there. That put an extra skip in my step, I'm tellin' ya.

We were told that we could only take pictures during rehearsal, but none during the actual taping. I thought it was fun to watch everyone getting ready and have such a good view of what goes into a taping. I loved watching the camera men and the conductor.

Shortly before they started to film, they announced several prestigious members in the audience who were visiting, and had them stand up. This included the president of the Boys and Girls Club of America, and several people from foreign countries who were here on visiting the U of U for an educational summit (or something like that). Everyone gave their applause, and then a man stood up in the front of the visitors section and the announcer introduced him as Glenn Beck. The applause was, to put it mildly, very loud for him and the cameras starting flashing.

My camera flash was not among them - that doesn't work from that far away with low lighting people!! I took a video of is one of the stills.

The Governor of Utah and Orrin Hatch were announced after him and people barely noticed them. No matter how you feel about Glenn Beck, you have to admit that he is very well-known these days. I had actually heard the week before that he was having health problems and was traveling west to have some tests done. How funny that he and I both traveled west and ended up in the same room!

Just as a side note, his kids had an I-Pad to keep busy, and they were very well behaved.

Well, the show went on with no sign of President Monson. After the taping ended, the announcer said that the governor of Utah had a special presentation to make. Then President Thomas S. Monson came out to receive it. October 10, 2010 was declared to be Mormon Tabernacle Choir Day in the state of Utah (which is funny because when I goggled this it looks like other days have been declared the same thing before).

My video stills of President Monson were not as good because the stage lighting totally washed him out. He gave an thank you speech and of course cracked a few jokes.

Glenn Beck left as the choir sang "God Be With You 'Til We Meet Again" and President Monson was ushered out before any of the other doors were opened. You can imagine the crowd that surround them if they had stuck around.

We walked around Temple Square for awhile. Just as my dad finished taking these pictures of us....

Chad said, "Uh, look behind you Bob!"

And there was Mr. Beck, ten feet away, touring Temple Square. A few people started walking up to him and shaking his hand, but we decided to let him be. I just did my creepy thing, stuck my camera to the side, and snapped a picture.
My first celebrity picture without using the zoom!


Bubb Rubb said...

Chad couldn't be bothered to wear a white shirt?

I've heard that Glenn Beck is really approachable. Not sure if it's true or not but that's the latest.

Audra said...

Awesome!!! We shook his hand and met him when he did a touring Christmas show... before he was on TV! And of course we did the whole "WE are LDS too thing!"

Kelly said...

So glad you got some good shots for your collection.

I think a blue shirt is totally acceptable.

I think if I saw Glen Beck I'd run in the other direction.

Olivia Carter said...

You're like a MASTER celebrity spotter! LOVE IT!

Bob, Dad and Grandpa said...

I wanted to shake his hand, but I was too shy. Besides there were several old ladies moving in to give him hugs.

Ashley said...

Would have been cool to shake his hand dad - but only if I had one of those buzzers in my hand ;)

Last weekend I was in the St Louis temple and everyone kept talking about how so many missionaries were coming in that day and I thought it would have been cool to see President and Sister Clark :)

The only celebrity I've really ever spotted was Naomi Judd. Oh, and when I went to the Rose Parade Regis was the grand marshal

Em said...

That is hilarious!

I went to a taping when i was in college. It was so great and we didn't even have all of the fancy names there!