Monday, October 4, 2010

SYTYCD Tour 2010

Yes, it is that time of the year again. Audra and I went to the So You Can Dance tour together last Saturday. We met at The Cheesecake Factory beforehand. I had been perusing the menu there all week in preparation, but the wait there was 45 minutes long, and we really didn't want to be rushed getting to our show so we ended up going to Maggiano's next door. We enjoyed a nice relaxing dinner and then rushed uptown to get to the show.
A few notes on the show:

Still haven't ever gotten the perfect seat. It is in an arena, with the stage at one end, people in chairs on the floor, and then seating all around where you would sit if you were at a basketball game, which isn't at all ideal for a dance show - totally different than a concert. If you get a seat on the floor you can't see in front of you and you strain your neck the whole time. If you want a seat in the inclined section but still close to the stage, you have a complete side view, which is what we have done the last few years. It is great to be close to the stage, and sometimes you get a fun side perspective that you have never had before, but other times you miss out on some of the best action. They don't re-stage the dances at all to consider the side audience, so you do miss out of some things.

One great thing about the show this year is they cut the introductions quite a bit. They always have some running gags between dance numbers, and most of the time they are way too long, and these are dancers, not comedians, so they are much better at the dancing than the talking. They really pounded the dance numbers out this year. Loved it. Not only did I feel less cheated, it helped to keep the mood.

I forgot my memory card so I didn't take many pictures at all, which is okay because it allowed me to just sit

Some of the highlights of the show for me:

My Chick Bad, originally danced by Twitch and Lauren. They put Russell in Twitch's place and it was great. I know, horrible song, I know, but Lauren just stole the show with this number.

Heaven is a Place on Earth, performed by Kathryn and Robert. I have always loved Kathryn and I loved Robert live. Some people draw you in so much more when you see them live and Robert is one of those people.

M.I.A.'s “XXXO”, choreograghed by Sonya and danced by Robert and Courtney. I didn't think much of this one when it first aired, but it was enthraling live.

When The Prom Dance with Kent and Lauren turned into My First Kiss.

Kent and Allison's contemporary. Don't know the name of this song. Very intense and emotional.

Okay, so there were lots of memorial numbers and some great group dances, including a fantastic group Bollywood dance. You know how I said some people were even better live? Adechike and Billy were not those people :o)

We stayed afterwards again and met a lot of the dancers. For the third year in a row we met up with our SYTYCD buddies, Lindsay and her sister Ashley. We originally knew each other through our sister-in-law Sabina, but we always meet up and chat while waiting and waiting (2 1/2 hours this year!) for the dancers to come out and then trade cameras to take each other's pictures. Lindsay is the gal who did our beautiful family pictures last month (and who, btw, photographed a birth hours before the show), so yes, we have a pro doing our photography! All the pictures were on Audra's camera, so I don't have any of them to show you yet. What is the point of this post without those pictures? Basically a chance for me to babble about the show.

There are more and more people waiting to meet the dancers every year and it was so packed this year. We didn't even meet everyone and we left at 1 am. A few years ago we would get the chance to chat a little with each dancer but they were super rushed this year. I felt bad for them. Billy was by far the friendliest and seemed the most genuine. Adechike was by far the quietest. We met Kent last (only by kinda cutting in line) and he was the highest in demand and he seemed very tired and worn out. Didn't get to meet Lauren or Kathryn.

Okay, I guess that is enough for now. When I get the pictures I might have to do another post :o)


Olivia Carter said...

I don't watch SYTYCD but you and my friend Esther sure make me think I should! :)

Audra said...

I know, I know... I need to send the pictures. You did not mention the benefit of my cheap camera. The double flash so I could smooch the dancers... made record numbers this year! And I loved that Jose is really that shy and awww-shucks-ish in real life!