Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Day

I really didn't take many pictures on Christmas because I am kinda over pictures where people are looking down while unwrapping presents. They just never really turn out, you know? Here are a few that I did take that represent our day.

The majority of us slept horribly the night before. At about 10:00 I found Colin walking around, very confused and sleepy, upstairs. When I immediately got on his case about being out of his room, he said,"But it is 10 o'clock!!" He thought it was 10 am. I walked him back to his room and put some jingle bells on his doorknob so that I would hear if he wandered out again. He did it once again and I was very restless all night because I was worried about him ruining his surprises. At about 2:00 I woke up to the sound of the TV on high volume downstairs. Chad had fallen asleep down there, and I banged on our bedroom floor several times to get his attention (it is a very sophisticated system we have) but the TV continued to blare through the house. I went downstairs to find Chad completely zonked out on the couch. He figures he must have fallen asleep and then when the dishwasher turned on in the middle of the night, he woke up briefly, realized he couldn't hear the TV, turned it way up, and then fell right back asleep. At this point we also faced a Santa toy fiasco (recounted on facebook) that kept us up for another hour or so. Point is....not nearly enough sleep.

So when I saw boy's bathroom light on at 5:45 am I figured it was Colin again, but lo and behold, it was our faithful sleeper, Gabe, up for probably the first time in his life before Colin. By 6, everyone was in our room trying to rouse a sleepy Oliver. When Ollie realized it was time to see what Santa brought, he forced himself to wake up pretty quickly.

Here they are, waiting on the stairs while Chad went downstairs to see if Santa came.

They were all pretty thrilled with their gifts. Well, Ollie barely noticed his Santa gifts - he was more interested in being being reunited with his scooter from the night before, and then after we opened gifts from each other, he just wanted shots of "sour spray" -his gift from Colin. One of Gabe's favorite gifts was a crossword book that Santa left in his stocking, and after he got Lego Harry Potter for the Wii from Chad and I, we got about twenty hugs and "thank you's." Colin was tickled that because one of his toys didn't work(the toy fiasco), Santa gave him ten dollars to spend at It was a very fun morning, with lots of good surprises for everyone in the family.

By ten o'clock we were wiped out, so we went upstairs for naps. Oliver and I slept 'til 12:30, when we woke up, quickly showered and all ran over to my parent's house for an early Christmas dinner. I had my boys wear their matchy-matchy shirts that Chad's Grandma Norma sent them. Wasn't that sweet of her?

My dad made a huge dinner, with turkey and ham and all the delicious sides. It was so good to just sit around for hours and hours with the family, talking and letting the kids play. No one was in a hurry to be anywhere and my mom and dad took care of all the festivities. Thanks Mom and Dad!

We did a nativity with the kids (which I will someday post pictures of), and then wrapped up in the evening because snow was on its way. It was such a relaxing day and the snow falling after the kids were snuggled in their beds was the perfect end to it.

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Ashley said...

Glad Chad put on some pants and real shoes for the occasion :) And I really really like Audra's sweater!

I love that you bang on your floor to get Chad's attention. I used to knock on the bedroom wall in our apartment in Davis. Probably could have just whispered and Roy would have heard me in that tiny place :)

Glad you had a good christmas.