Sunday, January 23, 2011

How do we celebrate? FOOD!

When I was looking over the pictures from Chad's birthday celebrations, I had to laugh to myself. Everything was centered around food!

There was another thing that made me laugh - our cheapo date on Chad's birthday. I mentioned the other day that a week after we moved to Charlotte, for his birthday I got Chad a pair of jeans (from Walmart) and a new phone for our apartment. For dinner that night we used a gift certificate from Papa John's for a free pizza that we had gotten as a part of a welcome package in the mail. Chad had just graduated from college, we had just moved across the country and had not yet been reimbursed for it (this was back when companies actual did that!), and Chad hadn't received his first paycheck, so we were absolutely broke. It was okay though - actually one of the most exciting times of our lives really - because we knew that things were going to be better very soon, and even though it was a lame celebration, Chad did not mind in the least.

However, we laugh about that birthday and sometimes Chad teases me about it...which brings me back to this birthday. I bought him a hoodie from Old Navy (which he is wearing in all these pictures) and some sweats from Target. We had Bobby and Sabina babysit our kids for us while we went to Outback using a gift card that Chad got for Christmas from a colleague, and then we went to a movie for free using coupons that we got from the back of cereal boxes. Six years have passed, we make twice as much, but Chad just hasn't changed that much! Everyone knows that free food tastes better anyway!

So here we were on his birthday - Bloomin' Onion, my delicious wedge salad (don't worry, that was just a side, I haven't changed on you either), and ribs. YUM! We had a wonderful time.

Chad had a ton of work this week, but managed to work from home the day after his birthday, and Colin had school off that day, so we did our family celebration then.

I made sausage and monkey bread for breakfast. In this picture we are all waiting for him to finish a work call so he can join us. We ended up starting without him, which was good because he didn't get off the phone for another 40 minutes.

Poor guy!

We went to Red Robin for a late lunch. I couldn't stomach a burger, so I tried this fish sandwich. Even though it is fried fish it sounded like it would make me feel better than red meat. The first two bites were awesome, and then the breading on the fish got soggy and it was kind of gross. And yes, I got a salad on the side instead of fries. What is going on?! I will tell you what - pregnancy has not been kind to me lately and Tums are becoming a close friend. Chaddy got the faithful Whisky River and was as happy as ever with it.
For the first time in probably two years they didn't bring out a "surprise" birthday sundae. The kids were pretty bothered by that. We stopped on the way home to get some ice cream to go with his birthday cake.

I was planning on making him a cheesecake, but when I was at Target I saw this peanut butter brownie mountain thing that looked perfect for him, so I got that instead.

And finally, the only part of the festivities that wasn't about food - we lit some fireworks to celebrate the most popular member of our family.


Cat said...

Happy Birthday, Chad! Our kids loved your birthday fireworks, too! : )

Oh, and the salad thing must be what happens when you're having a girl! I couldn't get enough greens when I was pregnant with Maya. With Jonah, I couldn't go near the stuff (which is probably why he won't eat veggies.)

Ashley said...

We went to Outback for Roy's birthday and got the Bloomin' Onion (ahem, the awesome blossom is at Chili's) and Roy got that wedge salad (it's one of his favorite things at Outback) and I got the ribs. Mmmmm :) Of course our meal was free because my inlaws were here.

I can't believe you call it Monkey Bread. Tsk tsk. To me, it will always be mom's pull apart :)

That peanut butter brownie thing looks amazing. If ya aren't gonna do cheesecake, brownies and peanut butter are the next best thing!

Katie said...

I had to laugh at your comment Ashley- right after I wrote the post, I walked in the living room and asked Chad, "Wait, is it the bloomin' onion?!" I will correct that ;o) That wedge salad was really good. That is pretty funny that we got similar things.

I actually didn't have mom's recipe on me, so I didn't want to call it mom's pull apart when it actually wasn't!!!

Cat - glad your kids liked the fireworks. We will be doing more for Chinese New Year - we will have to have you all come over for a closer view.

Bubb Rubb said...

What is Monkey Bread? It looks delish.

Ashley said...

Hmmm, I was wondering why we always get the bloomin' onion at Outback but never get the awesome blossom at Chili's and I realized that Chili's doesn't have it anymore. Weird.

Em said...

I LOVE ME A BLOOMIN ONION!!!! hmmm, do i want to pay off our student loans more than i want to go to texas roadhouse for a bloomin onion??? i think not! have mercy.