Monday, February 21, 2011

Reflections before the girl comes

People tell me all the time,

"Oh, be glad you have all boys! Girls are drama!"

I laugh to myself. My boys aren't afraid of tears, tantrums, bossiness or theatrics. Maybe this will change as they get older, but for now, our house is full of drama.

I do think that having all boys brings a level of physicality to our lives that all girls might not. All day long, I am telling them to keep their hands off of each other. No hitting, no biting, no kicking - just lay off! And boy do they egg each other on - sometimes just out of boredom, I think. They all know what buttons to push, even the two year old.

I worry about them sometimes. I want them to grow up with a firm bond - always knowing that they can count on each other.

Thankfully, along with the hitting and yelling comes so much silly laughter that Chad lovingly calls them "the dork squad." They still like to cuddle each other on the couch in the morning. Last week Gabe cut his finger and Oliver sat next to him, hugging him, with genuine tears in his eyes. Gabe is getting better and better at finding ways to involve Oliver in his playing, and when Colin comes home from school, both of them perk up.

And they all three share one thing in common:

They all still adore their mama in a way that no one else can touch.


Cat said...

GREAT post! And they will love their baby sister just as much! You can tell I'm on FB too much...I started looking around for a "like" button : )

Olivia Carter said...

Aw, love those post & love those boys for yours! They are going to take SUCH good care of their little sis!

Em said...

Boys are so good for the soul. Can't WAIT for you to have your girl. It's amazing on an entirely new level. There is something extra special about girls.

Btw, we got a tramp for brennan's birthday. I am so excited!!!

The Husband said...

Dude, I totally commented on this.

Ashley said...

ERRGGHH, no, why does it always have me signed in as Roy??

Kari said...

Beautiful, Katie.

llq said...

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