Thursday, May 26, 2011

Stuff I never blogged about

 Chaddy and I celebrated ten years of marriage back in April.  A month ago today, actually.  It was a nice, relaxing day.  Chad was still on paternity leave, so we did lunch at a place that we have really wanted to try for awhile - Miro.  I don't know how to add the little accent thingie that it should have.  Anyway, we got their tapas sampler and it was muy delicioso.  My stomach is growling right now as I think about it. We went out for ice cream afterwards, which is made Carina barfy later, but it sure was good! See Carina looking at Chad in the picture down below?  She got to come on our anniversary date with us.  I can remember Colin at Spaghetti Factory with us for our anniversary when he was only a few weeks old. 

While my in-laws were in town, my mother-in-law Judy celebrated her birthday.  It was on the same day as Mother's Day, which happens a lot for her.  It kind of stinks because people often combine the two days, and we all know that a mother deserves both those days.  Especially someone who had to call poison control multiple times while raising a rather raucous Chaddycakes, and once found him hanging out the second story window (naked.)  From what I hear, Ollie is a piece of cake compared to toddler Chad.

Anyway, we took Judy out to Mac's Speed Shop (where we tried the fried pickles, which I am still not sure about) to celebrate her birthday and had a brownie cake for her.  I am so lucky to have a mother-in-law like her.  I genuinely like her and she was such a huge help while she was here.  Besides being on constant baby-holding duty, she also washed my dishes, cleaned, and did my laundry.  Told you I was lucky!  We miss you already Judy!

 Speaking on missing, here is a picture of Colin bawling when he had to say goodbye to Grandma and Grandpa Coleman the night before they left.  It was very sad.
I think that is it for now but I have a bunch of other stuff that I may or may not get to.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

2 Months

Length: 23 1/2 inches 75-90%
Weight: 11 lbs.  7 oz. 75%
Head: 39 1/2 cms 75%

See how her head leans to the right?  She totally favors that side - probably because I lay on her right side at night and she turns that way to nurse.  This was the Dr's only concern. Don't want her to have the wear a helmet.  I noticed that not long ago and have been trying to get her to turn her head the other way more - time to start trying harder.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Keepin' It Real Wednesday

This is a post is about poop. Just a little warning for you.  You are welcome.

Carina has been a little fussy today.  This is very unusual for her, as long as I haven't been eating dairy.  I haven't been, so I was wondering what was going on, 'til I remembered that she hasn't had a good poo in four or five days.  As she fussed, I layed her on her back and pushed her legs toward her tummy.  She immediately let out some nice gas, so I knew that the system back-up was her problem.

But alas, this post is not about sweet baby poo.  Oh no.

As I lay with the fussy baby on my bed, trying to get her to sleep, I was also trying to get her older brother Oliver to lay still for ten consecutive minutes so he could drift off for a desperately needed nap.  I was turned away from him when I heard yelling, "I have____ on my hands!"

And no, this post is not even about my own child's poo.

The screaming was coming from the other room, where I had put my nephew down for a nap.  I had no idea what he was saying was on his hands. I told him to come into the bedroom, and as he did, I saw for myself.  Poop.  And I saw that he had no diaper on.

Further inspection and the poopy diaper was found in the other bedroom. Poop was not just on his hands.  Oh no.  It was also on the walls, my friends.

As I scrubbed the brown hands, walls, and behind, I reminded myself over and over again, "Your parents have been barfed on by your kids.  Bobby has taken care of Ollie in the dead of the night.  You can clean up your almost-3-year-old nephew's poo with patience and understanding."

I got through it and went on with my day, pushing it from my mind 'til I sat down here at the computer, Carina on my lap, fussing a little because she still hasn't pooped.  Then I remembered, and I thought,

"Well now, that's the most exciting thing that has happened today."

Which is the part I find "funniest" of all.

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Grandma and Grandpa in the mountains

We were lucky enough to pay a visit to "the mountains" while my in-laws were here.  For those of you who haven't heard about our hook-up - my sister-in-law's parents own a home off the Blue Ridge Parkway in Virginia that they are gracious enough to let us use.

Just like everyone does on their first trip there, Bill and Judy fell in love with the mountains.  What's not to love?  Incredible views, fresh air, campfires, gorgeous and comfy accommodations, and lots of family time.  We spent Mother's Day there - which was just perfect, in my opinion.

See the kite?

 Remember Oliver and his plow?

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Carina in her blessing dress

This was originally my blessing dress 30 years ago.  Can you tell how much I loved seeing Carina in it?

Monday, May 16, 2011

Baptism and Blessing

May 14, 2011

Baptism of Colin Matthew Coleman
Conducting: Brother Miller
Pianist: Sister Ballard
Leading Music: Sister Audra Jeppson
Opening Song: A Child’s Prayer
Opening Prayer: Sister Sabina Jeppson
Talk on Baptism: Brother Bob Jeppson
Baptismal Ordinance performed by Chad Coleman
Witnesses: Brother Levi Jeppson and Brother Bobby Jeppson
Video – The Good Samaritan
Talk on Holy Ghost: Sister Katie Coleman
Confirmation performed by Chad Coleman
Primary Welcome: Sister Connie Simms
Bishopric Welcome: Bishop Johnson
Closing Song: Families Can Be Together Forever
Closing Prayer: Brother Santiago Jeppson
The baby blessing of Carina Anne Coleman will take place immediately following the closing prayer.

*Shyann's pictures:

*I am a part of a little photography club. It is pretty new - just a few moms trying to figure out how to best use our cameras. We share hints and get together to practice. I asked if anyone from it would be willing to take some pictures of our family afterwards (so that I could be in them and it would be one less thing for me to worry about), and my friend Shyann stepped up. Remember Shyann? The same one that made the gorgeous dress? Anyway, I was so happy that I asked, because she did a great job. She had a huge challenge - 14 kids that weren't exactly cooperative *cough cough Gabe*, weather that couldn't make up it's mind, and an infant thrown into the mix. Thanks Shyann - the pictures you took will be treasured! I especially love the one with everyone in it. And if anyone in Charlotte wants to join us at our club, we would love to have you! Really.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Holy Ghost

I first gave a version of this talk at my nephew Nolan's baptism last summer. Colin really liked it, so when he asked me to give it at his baptism, I revised it a here it is.

Let’s talk a little about super-heroes. They are pretty exciting, huh? They always have important missions that they need to accomplish –very important tasks that only they can complete. Every super-hero has certain strengths, or things that they are good at, that help them accomplish those missions – they might be super strong, or super smart, or super brave. However, they also have weaknesses that stand in the way, and they are often surrounded by very dangerous situations. Even though they have super strengths, it’s never really that easy for them to get their mission accomplished, is it?

But every super-hero has a sidekick to help them out. Batman has Robin. Harry Potter has Ron Weasley. Even Dora has Boots. Those sidekicks are always there, ready to fight with them, ready to protect them from danger, ready to cheer them up when things look bad, ready to warn them if trouble is coming, or ready to figure things out when the superhero doesn’t have all the answers. Those sidekicks help them through the worst times and never leave their side.

Colin, you are like a super -hero. There are important missions for you to accomplish on this earth. There are things that you need to do that no one else can do for you. You will get a good education, go on a mission, have a family, and make a difference in a lot of people’s lives. You will find ways to change the world for the better, like Harry or Batman. Like them, you have a lot of strengths that will help you accomplish your missions. You are super smart, super athletic, super caring, and super funny. These traits will help you do the things you need to do. But just like the super heroes, it won’t always be easy for you. Even you have weaknesses. You will sometimes feel discouraged. Sometimes you won’t know what to do. Sometimes you will even be surrounded by danger.

The good news is, starting today, you will have something even better than Ron Weasley. You will have the gift of the Holy Ghost. The Holy Ghost can be with you at all times. When you are discouraged, you can pray, and the Holy Ghost will help you feel better and see things more clearly. When you don’t know what to do, the Holy Ghost will guide you and help you figure things out. When you are coming close to danger, they Holy Ghost can warn you and keep you away from it. The Holy Ghost can help you with every step of your life.

Colin, I think the most important thing I can teach you as a parent is to pray. Prayer is the answer to everything. When you are happy and grateful, pray. When you are sad and lonely, pray. When you are confused, pray. When you need help with anything, pray. I promise you, with all my heart, that you will be always be glad that you prayed. You will never regret it. Your prayers will be answered and the Holy Ghost will help you through whatever mission you need to accomplish.

Colin, you and I have often talked about what my job as your parent is. Do you remember? I always tell you that my job is to protect you, and to teach you. I can’t always be with you to do those things, and your Heavenly Father can’t be with you, but the Holy Ghost can. You will feel Heavenly Father’s love through it, and it will protect you, and it will teach you. Remember your Savior. Today you take His name upon you. Remember to try and live like Him, and treat everyone around you as He would treat them – with love and kindness. I love you so much Colin, and I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Bill and Judy at the Garden

We took Chad's parents to the garden last week. It was a cloudy day but we didn't really expect rain.
Chad tempting the water tunnel to come on.

And Gabe jumping right in. He got drenched. It was a cool day and I couldn't believe he wasn't freezing.

Don't be fooled by his smile though. He was Mr. Grumps during the rest of the trip (before and after getting soaked). Sometimes when we have company he gets a little tense. I think Bill and Judy were probably wondering what they got themselves into - over a week more of this?!

Not long after those pictures, it started to rain. Of course we were in the middle of the garden, so we sought shelter. It didn't come down too hard though, and didn't last too long.

The upside of rain at the garden is incredible lighting and incredible color. I didn't enhance the color on these pictures at all. Aww, I love. Don't we live in a gorgeous world?