Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Who My Mom Is, Part XI

100_7006 Yes, she really did slap him.

My mom is fun. 

I can’t tell you how many times we would kneel for family prayer and end up in fit of uncontrollable laughter, started with a giggle from my mom.  I can still picture her, tears streaming down her eyes as she tried to calm down.

Whenever we went to Mesa Verde National Park, there was an overlook above one of the ruins.  You could see the visitors milling around, and my mom would yell, “Cindy!  Cindy!!!! CINDY!” while waving her arms wildly, until someone was kind enough to wave back.  Who was Cindy?  Who knows? 

My mom loves a good practical joke.  I can barely believe it now, but we actually invited people over to our house for dinner, and then ambushed them on our front porch with water guns and balloons from every corner….even from our roof. Crazy kids? No, a crazy mom.

My mom’s favorite victims were the missionaries.  Every couple of years she would organize the women in the ward to feed the missionaries the same meal for six or seven nights in a row.  When I mean same, I mean exactly the same.  The same recipe, the same salad dressing, the same flavor of Kool-Aid. 

One time when we were getting new Elders, she got into their apartment and left live fish all over – in the bathtub, in the sink, the toilet, and blender.  When they told her that they dumped the fish in the canal, she pretended to cry about how they were our pet fish.  She had the Elders so convinced, they were ready to take fish food to the canal to try and attract the fish back to the surface to re-catch them. 

And once a food fight was started, and continued, at our table while feeding the missionaries.  It was so intense that the next time they came over, they wore trash bags over their clothes. 

My mom was a hoot at girl’s camp, a wild woman at Education Week, and always the fun chaperone on school trips.

I could go on and on, but believe me when I say my mom is more fun than your mom ;o)

(Feel free to share any stories you have about my crazy mother)


Ashley said...

This is EXACTLY what I wanted to write about mom but I figured someone else would. Don't forget all the toilet papering adventures, heart attacks and totally awesome birthday parties (my video scavenger hunt comes to mind) She definitely taught us not to be easily embarrassed!

Christie said...

How strange...MY mom would yell "Cindy!" ;)

Christie said...

Oh, and there was the time at Girls' Camp when it was skit night and she got up and told a sob story (complete with actual sobbing) about how everything had gone wrong and no one would help, etc, etc...the other women in the audience ended up sobbing, too. Of course it was just her idea of a joke and she said "Gotcha" and we did our skit (which was probably something awesome she wrote and directed).

Katie said...

Fixed it Christie :o) I have such a bad memory. Thanks.