Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Zumbathon with Sabina!


Some of you may know that my sister-in-law Sabina is now a Zumba instructor.  I am very lucky to be able to attend her classes on occasion, and I wish I could every day.  Her classes are so much fun that you don’t realize you are working out until you wake up sore the next day!  I can’t think of a way I would rather work out. 

This weekend I will attending  a Zumbathon that she is team teaching at Club Fitness.  I am so excited!  I would really love to get a big group of Sabina supporters together.  You don’t need to be a Club Fitness member and all donations benefit the Susan G. Komen Foundation.  Here is the information:




lindsey said...

aw shucks, too bad its not next weekend... I could come ;) yeah right like I could handle that :) Awesome that she is doing it though. Our spanish branch hosts a Zumba class twice a week, but it is right after the spanish class i go to at the church and I don't think Leslie would like 2 hrs away from me twice a week (and neither would seth ;))

Chad Coleman said...

You go to a spanish class Lindsey? That is pretty cool. Maybe when Mayan is older you can do Zumba too every once in awhile!

Katie said...

Why in the world was Chad signed in on my browser. HOW DARE HE?!

lindsey said...

I just started the class on tuesday actually.. I hope I can go to it every week. I will probably take Leslie with me most days. There is a guy in our stake who taught spanish for 30 years on the high school level and then served 4 spanish serving missions with his wife. So far I really like it. Does "Chad" mean Leslie, not Mayan? ;)

Katie said...

lol. I can't even keep my boys names straight, so I guess it figures that I mess up your girls too! Sorry! I don't do it with Carina, so maybe when your next is a boy, Aunt Katie will get it right ;o)