Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Keepin’ It Real Wednesday

Four to five o’clock on any weekday evening is bad enough.  I have addressed that before.  Today, that hour was a real doozy.

It began with a baby who has turned very mobile in the last week.  Like, crawling, sitting, pulling-herself-up, into everything mobile.  I don’t mind that, but it has been accompanied by a sudden realization that she is a separate being from me….a realization that if she isn’t in my arms she doesn’t know where her next warm and milky meal is going to come from.  She alternates between blissfully roaming the floor,  sweeping every piece of dirt with her pant legs and stuffing every loose piece of trash in the house in her mouth, to crawling frantically to my feet and whining like a drooling little puppy dog. I haven’t quite realized yet right at four o’clock, the whimpering little sleepy puppy dog comes out in full force, making it nearly impossible to make dinner (remember tomorrow Katie – make dinner earlier!) 

So, right as we came home,  I was dealing with that, along with an I-was-good-at-school-all-day-so-I-am-ball-of-emotions fit from Gabe.  I sent Gabe to his room and Colin and Ollie outside to play.  I was feeding Carina while looking up a recipe when Ollie came inside and informed me that he pooped. In his underwear.  I feel like I talk about kid poop way too much on here, so I will spare you the details.  Let’s just say the underwear went in the trash and the kid went in the shower. 

No sooner than I got Oliver out of the shower, Colin came in and exclaimed, “Mom, there is green paint all over the garage!”  I ran in there to find that a can of paint had somehow been knocked off the shelf and spilled, rolled under my van, and then pooled in a big mess under there.  I grabbed two old towels and cleaned it up the best I could while Carina fussed in the house.

Washing my hands off, I swooped up Carina and headed to the kitchen to see how far I could get in the dinner preparation with a baby in one arm.  Carina reached her chubby little arm out  just enough to swipe at a glass sitting on the counter, and CRASH…one more mess to clean up.

Now, at this point I probably would have just ordered pizza, but I had just ordered pizza (and lots of it) the day before when I was grumpy, in a bite-me-bad-day sort of rebellion, and I had been eating the leftovers all day long. 

So pumpkin soup it was, made mostly by Chad when he came home.

Let me tell you something….pumpkin soup is not pizza.


Christie said...

Ugh. I know those days. Sometimes it's actually better for me if it's a day that James won't be home until after they are in bed because I just have to pull it together and it doesn't seem so bad once it's over and done with.

Em said...

hamburgers and french fries from five guys. that's what would have fixed my day if all of that happened to me. and possibly a trip to coldstone. have mercy, when it rains it pours. i've SO been there.

lindsey said...

Those days seem to be the worst..Somehow I have the most in a row right before my inlaws come and my house MUST be clean before they arrive. btw my inlaws come monday:)

Gaynelle said...

Wow! That is for sure keeping it real. Nothing like a huge dose of humble. After all that, I'm pretty impressed you still didn't go get dinner.

Audra said...

Oh honey! Yes! I have had those days! The worse was when I had the 4 kids home by myself and they all were puking, at the same time, on the stairs, in the bathroom, in their crib, in my arms.

Depending on the paint, next time if you let it be and just let it dry, if it is on concrete it peels up like rubber. I know from countless experiences... most recently with bright orange paint!