Friday, December 23, 2011

Phone dump

Some pictures from the last few months.

Riverbanks Zoo during Labor Day weekend.

 Columbia temple that same weekend.

 I took this picture to capture Miss Carina's thigh dimple.

Remember Ollie's eye (shudder).

 Ollie during storytime at the library.  He is too stinkin' cute when he dances along.

This statue is in a business park near our house.  It is kinda cool.

 Hiking near our pond.

 Haircut back in October

 Not quite worthy of cake wrecks, but close.

Beautiful fall colors outside the boys' window.

Donuts with Chad after Colin's parent teacher conference.

Ollie's Halloween preschool party.

If you build castles with Ollie he loves you forever.

She looks way too old in this picture!

We went to a Japanese hibachi restaurant a couple of weeks ago and Gabe said the soup was the best thing he has ever eaten.

When I saw this picture I couldn't figure out who it was....

Until I saw this picture and remembered that I let my nephew Liam play Angry Birds on my iPhone during Pack Meeting a couple of weeks ago. 

This girl loves her Daddy, and he is gaga over her.


lindsey said...

cute pics. I love Carina's leg dimples, wish they looked cute on adults too ;)
oh no, not you too... angry birds is addictive. Seth got an android phone on monday and many hours have been logged playing angry birds (all after work hours of course :))

James said...

James plays Angry Birds with the kids on the computer.