Sunday, January 1, 2012

A Sun....BEAM!

The new year means that all of the kids move up a class in church, which means Oliver moved from the "nursery"  where he had toys, snack, and his granny, to the Sunbeams, where they have metal chairs, and a lot more sitting.  He is lucky to have some wonderful teachers, but was quite shy about starting something so new.  They start out by meeting with the other young classes for "sharing time" and he would only go in there if he was allowed to sit by his older brother Gabe instead of with his class.   Gabe was quite the big brother about it, and from report I received later, Oliver sat next to him the whole time - almost an hour of singing and talking - and behaved well.  He was sad to then go with his class to their classroom, but he did it anyway.  He told me later about how upset his cousin Liam was about the whole change and said, with a very long face, "Mom, I didn't want to go to class.  I just wanted to go home."  

I remembered Gabe's starting-Sunbeams- picture and made sure I got some of Oliver with his brothers to commemorate the event.  Could they be any more adorable?

Can you believe that I announced I was pregnant with this little guy on this blog, and now I am putting Sunbeam pictures up of him?!


Olivia Carter said...

Aw, he looks SO HANDSOME! Congrats on him movin' on up!

Em said...

brennan too!!:) can't believe it!