Friday, March 2, 2012

Carina at 11 months, and my ramblings

Carina just had her "9 month"  appointment the other day.  She turned 9 months on Christmas, and I didn't know what our family plans for Christmas break would be like beforehand, so I didn't schedule an appointment then, and by the time I got around to calling (mid January), this was the earliest appointment available.  My pediatrician is popular, with good reason - I love him.  I also love the fact that he has FIVE kids (which almost unheard on around here) and understands parenting kids quite well.

As a side note, twice in the last week I have been out with my kids and have been asked, "Are they ALL yours?"  The first time, it was a middle-aged, rather jolly man, and he then he asked me if I was going crazy yet.  Since we were at Dollar Tree, the answer was "almost" and it was true.  The second time it was by a middle-aged yuppie who was walking into the school at the same time as me.  When I answered that they were indeed all mine, she gasped and said, "And so close together in age."  She was with her two children (boy and girl of course), which is the standard at Waddell, and I wanted to remark that they were all 2 1/2 to almost 3 years apart like her two, so no, not that close together really, but I just smiled.

As a further side note, Chad and I were talking the other day about the fact that people are often surprised that we are young, with so many children.  I told him that I sometimes feel a little judged about it - like people think I am irresponsible, rather than it being a very deliberate choice based on my values.  Then I remarked that as my kids get older, it gets a little easier, because all the teachers and parents have gotten to know my kids(and their cousins) and they respect them.  It makes me feel like they "get it" a little better - that Chad and I are not just pumping out kids, but are very dedicated to our family and feel like we know what is right for us.  Do I sound smug?  Maybe I am.

And my last remark about all of this is - I never really expected to get comments like that with four kids (half the amount my mom had.)

So, back to the Dr.  One of the main things we are noticing about Carina is that as she gets older she is getting much more feisty.  She knows what she likes and doesn't like and she makes it clear. Along with her her coy smiles at strangers when she is happy, she growls, she grunts, and she pushes people away when she is not.  She did not like being examined by the Dr. and tried to push his stethoscope away.  We think that her feisty personality is perfect for living with three older brothers.  Carina is so sweet with them most of the time - laughing easily at their antics, giving the hugs in the morning - but she lets them know when she has had enough.

Here are her measurements:
Length: 28 inches 25%
Weight: 18 lbs, 14 oz 50%
Head: 47 cms 50-75%

The Dr. said to take the measurements with a grain of salt (which I think means that he doesn't necessarily think that the nurse measuring a wiggling baby by marking her head and foot on the butcher paper is super accurate) and that he doubts her percentile there dropped so quickly.   I am not worried either way, and I tend to think she is still on the tall side, simply because everyone always remarks that she looks way older than she is.

The biggest Carina news is that she took her first steps on February 13.  I remember the date very well because the previous day at church she was playing with a baby from another ward.  Talking to the mom, we realized they were the same age, and we both said that although they were both standing, they had no interest in walking.  Then the very next day, I just show this look in Carina's eye while she was standing, like she thought she might try taking a step.  When Chad come home from work, she standing up and I told him about the look, and then all of the sudden, there she went - three or four steps.  It was a sweet moment - everyone in the family was there to see it.

Here is a video from Sunday of her walking.  I love how she is just cool and calm with her brothers running all around her, and I love how she turns.  She has gotten even steadier in the last week.


Christie said...

Good job, Carina!

Ashley said...

Wow! That is impressive! Claire continues to do 4-5 steps, but never more than that. Carina definitely has her beat. What a shame to our family name.

Ashley said...

Oh, and I have been getting SO many comments lately. I think it is especially bad because they don't expect to see a kid Rae's age out in public during school hours. So I think they are taken back by that and probably want to say something like "no school for you today, huh?" I get that question a LOT. If they don't ask that then they just say something like "you have the whole crew with you today." Someone says that almost every single time I am out. Yup, these are my children and I have them all with me!

And yes, I get that judged feeling. Especially when I am frazzled at the store or something and I wonder if people just think I have no clue and just keep popping out kids. ah well.

Gaynelle said...

You have just written exactly what I was thinking about lately. Five kids even around here is like watching a circus for some people. I love Carina's walking, too cute.

Jamie said...

She has such a cute little walk! Can't wait to meet her this summer!

lindsey said...

I wrote a long response and Its gone!