Saturday, April 14, 2012

Easter and Happy 60th Birthday to my Dad!


Easter began with all the kids snuggling in our bed at 6:30 am.  Carina was happy to wake up once she realized all her “Bah-Bahs”  were there.  Colin in particular has been a real favorite of hers lately, and after she gave them all hugs and smiles, Colin picked her up to take her downstairs.  I reached for her and she shrieked at me, making it quite clear that she was sticking with him.

The kids went downstairs to find their baskets, candy, and all the eggs we dyed the evening before.  Pretty much your traditional Easter morning. 


We planned to get pictures of all the kids in their Easter outfits, but barely even managed to make it to church on time (and it is at 1!)

Easter was also my Dad’s 60th birthday!  We have an old tradition in the Jeppson family of having “egg fights” with all the empty plastic Easter eggs.  So for his birthday, I gave him a basket with 60 eggs, all full of pictures and notes from his kids, and told him to bring them over for her birthday dinner.  After dinner we had a nice little fight in the backyard.

Do you like the boys’ outfits?  We are going to have to have some matching lessons before they become teenagers.  IMGP7274


When it was cake time, Carina seemed to think it was her birthday again.  Grandpa was happy to let her be a part of the fun.


Oh, and my brother Levi came down from the mountains with his mountain man beard and totally spoiled my kids.  He has always been such a good uncle.


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James said...

The boys have a shirt and shorts on. Looks matched to me.