Thursday, May 10, 2012

1000th post, and some thoughts on blogging

Well, can you believe it?  This is post number 1,000 for me. 

I have thought a lot about blogging lately.  For one thing, I have to try and talk myself into doing it a lot of times.   Why do I keep doing it, then?  Because I never regret doing it.  I love looking back at my blog posts, even the simplest ones, ones that were just about what we were up to.  Sometimes those posts mean the most to me, looking back. 

So, I keep doing it.  Gone are the days though, when I blog about things that can now go directly on facebook – deals, coupons, little observations.  I think to myself, “Do I need a permanent record of this?” and if I don’t, it goes on facebook.  And sometimes even things that I would rather blog about go on facebook because it is easier and it reaches people more quickly.  I am the only one left in my immediate family who blogs on a regular basis, and facebook is where we all talk now, rather than through comments on blogs, like the “ ‘ol” days.

Speaking of comments, I also have to talk myself into commenting a lot of times too.  I still read blogs, I just get lazy about commenting.  Why is that?  I don’t know.  I do know I am not the only one though – I think comments are much harder to come by these days for the average blogger.  Again, I think everyone got lazy because of the like button.  Sometimes even liking something on facebook seems like work….forget commenting on a blog.

Speaking of the “average blogger”, something occurred recently on a not-so-average blogger’s blog.  She apologized for some past posts she had written.  You may know who I am talking about.  I never felt like this blogger owed anyone an apology…she was always just voicing her opinions and feelings and was always respectful, in my opinion.  I don’t always agree with her, and that is okay.  Some of the comments in response made me sick to my stomach.  Comments like, “Thank you for the apology.  You really owed me one because I am a perfect human being and so intellectually superior to you.  Now I will read your blog again, aren’t you lucky?” (How did they read her apology if they had quit reading when she offended them all so greatly?)

These comments got me so worked up and blog weary that I made myself stop checking certain blogs regularly.  I get sick of it all sometimes, and I know I am not the only one.  You see posts all the time now about being sick of blogs that make the bloggers lives look perfect….posts about remembering to stop all the blogging/facebooking/pinning in order to actually pay attention to your family and the wonderful life you are blogging/facebooking about. 

I have a million blog posts rolling around in my head these days….lots of things I would love to seriously write about.  My thoughts on body image/weight loss/diet, some of my struggles with parenting, the blessings I have received from trying to be closer to the Holy Ghost, weaknesses I have that, things that my mom taught me.  It is hard to get worked up enough to write them though, for a few reasons.  One, I really am pretty busy.  Two, I don’t want to come off the wrong way.  I don’t want to be that blogger…the one that you roll your eyes at and think, “yeah, you think you are so deep, huh?”  Okay, maybe you are nicer than me, and you don’t do that. Three,  it is hard to be that vulnerable, (because there are eye-rollers like me out there.)

So, I am not sure where that leaves me as a blogger.  Probably just doing what I am doing now, huh?

What about you?   Have you noticed any changes in blogging?  Are you a little sick of it all? 

Blogs that I still enjoy, that are very active:

Gnome Sweet Gnome, by my dear cousin Olivia. 

Emilisq, by my blog friend Em, who always keeps it real.

Lizzy Writes, by NieNie’s sister-in-law Elizabeth.  You may see her perfect looking home and food and think she is one of those blogs, but she isn’t.  She is always herself and seems like she can’t help being very sweet and classy.

Every Day I Write the Book, by Kacy Faulconer.  Kacy is genuine, funny, unique and intelligent.  She is a little like Tina Fey to me.


Sami said...

I've found the blog world very different than it used to be. Even for me. But I'm not so sure I agree with giving it up all together. I found that the blog is a good journal for my family and I. I also found that some posts I write, I just don't publish. But they are there for my blog book that I LOVE to create and the kids LOVE to look at and read. Keep it up Katie! I love it! Your blog makes me smile. You are so creative and remind me so much of your mom with all your enthusiasm and love of life and children. Thanks for being great!

Gaynelle said...

I still like to blog even though I do get busy and put it off. I do it because I don't keep a handwritten journal anymore. It actually came in handy a couple of weeks ago when I was preparing a talk for church. I forget some of my experiences that I've had, but I went back through my blog and found one that worked well with my topic. I have found that facebook has been making me a bit depressed. I'm changing how much I read it and how I use it.

Cat said...

I'm like you - I have to talk myself into blogging and that seems to go against why I started blogging in the first place. But I also enjoy it once I get back in to it. I censor myself a lot for fear of what people might think or something being taken the wrong way and I hate that, but I guess that just comes with putting your thoughts "out there". I love reading your posts b/c even though we don't see each other that much, I know a lot of the things happening here are happening next door too....and that's comforting
: )

Ashley said...

Oh man, I have so many thoughts on this. I pretty much stopped blogging because I didn't really know what I wanted to do with my blog. I felt like my day to day stuff wasn't interesting enough and I didn't feel like being witty. What I really want to blog is what we are doing day to day. I don't want to write about anything "deep" or controversial. I have about 3 posts that I started that I never finished - because I don't want to put my thoughts out there and have people take them the wrong way. I feel like sometimes blogs are this fictional world - where everyone can edit their thoughts - and I'd much rather have these conversations and discussions in person. So just last week I decided I'd get back into blogging and just blog our day to day events and not worry about whether it is boring or not. Oh, and about commenting - I got lazy. I usually read blogs while I'm nursing Claire to sleep and I don't always have free hands to type, so I say I'll come back later and comment but then I never do.

And yes, I am an eye-roller. I mean, just for a second though. But then I realize I'm probably rolling my eyes because I'm wishing I had that aspect of my life figured out. ya know? If you blog about stuff you are doing well on, people think "can't you be more real" and if you blog about real stuff people think "man, get your life together and stop being so negative" - or you get comments about how bad they feel for you, when really you just wanted to keep it real. Sheesh, can you tell I've had so many thoughts about this going on in my head? This comment alone is a whole blog post!!

So yes, I'm getting back into the habit of blogging - but it won't be very interesting :)

kj said...

I haven't checked in on your blog in a while, but was glad to hear your thoughts on blogging. I've only known you through your blog and like to think we'd be friends if I knew you for real.

Your house is beautiful and so are your kids, but you have such a refreshing way of seeing what they are going through and I love your "Keeping It Real Wednesday"s.

Don't stop blogging. It's a wonderful history of your family and you can't change the people who are looking to be offended by something. Plus, I just like your blog.

Olivia Carter said...

I am seriously flattered & honored to be on your list of blogs. I know I'm family so you HAVE to love me but it's still nice to see the love in writing! :)

I have been thinking a lot about blogging too. I haven't been a great commenter either & I agree that the "like" button has hurt my commenting. I was actually just telling Scott, after I read an article about FB making us all actually lonelier, that I"m going to try hard not to simply hit the "like" button anymore, but instead comment. It's MUCH more interaction that way.

My blog has changed in much the same way yours has. I used to post whole posts about things on the internet, pretty clothes, stuff to buy- stuff like that. It wasn't a conscious decision it just sort of evolved that way. I still REALLY love to do giveaways but only because I like to share my favorite things (mostly books). But I think after my mom passed away and then when I got pregnant with Linc my focus shifted to mostly blogging about the family. Stuff we do & pictures.

I'm SO curious about a not-so-average bloggers blog post. I don't follow many of those so I wonder what warrants such hub-bub in the blogging world!

I love your blog posts & I think you are already a "deep" blogger. It's one of the reasons I like your blog so darn much.

Christie said...

I erase a lot of comments I start to make before I post them because I think I come off sounding obnoxious.