Sunday, May 13, 2012

My Mother’s Day


My Mother’s Day started out yesterday morning when I slept in and Chad took the boys to the Farmer’s Market and brought home the most beautiful bouquet of flowers (and some donuts).  We went to the gym and a soccer game, and then I spent THREE hours in the afternoon, by myself, at Target. HEAVEN.  After the kids went to bed, Chad watched The Vow with me.


All the boys sang very sweetly to me at church and gave me homemade cards. 


I have to share what Gabe wrote.  First, the front is a picture of a cloud “raining flowers” down for me.  Then read the inside:IMGP7947IMGP7946

He is such a sweetie.  A fearful sweetie. 

I told Chad that I would like to have my mom over for dinner, but that I didn’t want to make dinner so he called my Dad to plan it out with him, which resulted in my Dad cooking dinner for all of us at his house.  He very sweetly made a delicious all vegan meal!  Thanks Dad!  I wish I had brought my camera over to get some pictures of my mom and me.  As often happens, we wore matching colors to church without any planning.  I love you Mom!  Happy Mother’s Day

After dinner, we went home and the boys played some baseball in the house while Miss toddled around.  I requested a picture of the four of them together, and this is what I got.


I love those kiddos!  I am very lucky to be their mom.  When I put Carina to sleep tonight she gave me lots of open-mouthed, slobbery kisses.

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Olivia Carter said...


In Syd's Mothers Day card she said "Thanks for feeding me."

Yeah, thats my life :)