Tuesday, May 8, 2012


As you all know, my mom suffers Primary Progressive Aphasia.  This disease is rare enough that I have never met anyone else who has it, or even anyone who has heard of it prior to knowing her.  So I was really excited to hear about a fundraiser raising money for PPA research.  Jason from Run4papa.com has been training to run the Great Wall of China marathon, and has been holding 5K runs all around Charlotte to raise money and awareness for PPA, in honor of his Papa.  He has a goal of raising $50,000 and he is almost there. 

I knew right away that our whole family needed to go to one of his runs.  I told my parents about it and they were immediately just as excited as me.  We were able to go to one tonight, in uptown Charlotte.  It was good to meet Jason and see his enthusiasm.  The younger kids were pretty tired and grumpy so we only managed about a mile, but it felt good to do something about this disease that has made us all feel so helpless.  I also found out that Gabe is a total runner – that kid was zooming down the sidewalks of Charlotte.  He made me really proud.


There is only one run left – it is at the Whitewater Center.  If you looking for a nice, outdoorsy family activity, please consider going in honor of my mom.  If you can’t make it and you have a few dollars to spare, please donate to Jason’s fundraiser. I would love you forever.  You know I am willing to grovel for my mom!!!

For more information and to make a donation, visit Run4papa.com!  Keep up the good work, Jason!

For more about my mom’s struggle with PPA, click here.

Updated:  There are some awesome pictures of our family on Jason’s facebook page and his website.  Check them out and see how close he is getting to $50,000!


Cat said...

Have you heard of Aphasia: The Movie? It's about a local actor who suffered a massive stroke and now lives with aphasia. The movie focuses on his life and therapies as well as offers commentary about living with aphasia. I heard about it on Charlotte Talks on WFAE and it's just now on DVD. I thought of your mom and the wonderful posts you did for her birthday. So glad you could be part of the "bigger picture" - you're right in that it really helps to feel like you're doing "something".

Olivia Carter said...

This post makes me so happy!

Lyric said...

This is so cool! That's great that you guys were able to all go run for it together!

Ashley said...

It is so neat to hear about someone else with the condition and to have someone putting that much effort into raising funds. One of the things that gets me most about PPA is how little is known about it and how little can be done. I just hope that 10 years from now people won't have to have that uncertainty!

Kevin said...

I was touched by your story and thanks so much for supporting Jason and run4papa. I work at Northwestern University where we are doing all we can to find treatments for PPA. I am so happy that you were able to join the run yesterday. We were also able to put your mother's name on the shirt that Jason will wear during his run on the Great Wall right at the last second before it went to production.

Katie said...

Kevin - thank you for getting her name on the shirt. We are very touched by that. And thank you for reaching out and commenting.

Katie said...

Cat: I haven't. I will have to check it out. Thanks for thinking of me.