Monday, June 18, 2012

Summer Schedule: Field Trip Fridays

One more aspect of our summer schedule that I came up with last year was Field Trip Fridays.  I don’t want the kids to feel like every day of the summer has to be full of activities galore – most of our time will be spent doing fun things in our neighborhood or getting things done – but there are definitely places I love to take them.  So I settled on one “field trip” every Friday.  We get to put away our responsibilities for the morning and take off to do something exciting.  The kids really look forward to it, and are very satisfied with our day-to-day activities the rest of the week, knowing that “Field Trip Friday” is coming up.


Last Friday we headed to the Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden for their “Summer of Color” and it was fantastic.  We had an unseasonably cool first week of summer, and the weather was perfect – 70’s and breezy.  If you are a faithful reader, you know that we love the garden.  We have had an annual membership there since we moved into this house five years ago, and my kids are familiar with every twist and turn.  The first stop is always the willow maze.  We were delighted to see these gourds (?) growing up some of the willow branches……


As we were admiring them, a bird flapped out of the willows with a few loud chirps, which lead us to discover this….


…right at the kid’s eye level.  They oohed and ahhed over it.  It was just delightful.



After a quick snack, we checked out the vegetable garden.  I love the brightly painted bamboo stakes they have used for plant supports. 


The garden was very just bursting with life, and so vibrant and lush.  June might be my favorite month there.


This picture reminded me of one of my favorite trips to the garden,which I posted about here.

And this picture reminded me off this post.  Boy, those boys were sure cute. 


Carina shrieked to get out of the stroller whenever we came near a fountain, which was quite often, and she always insisted on grabbing a plastic baggie out of the stroller (that had a peach pit in it), and carrying it with her.  I guess a girl has to have her purse with her, huh?


The water features are definitely the favorite part of the garden for all the kids.  The water tunnel is always the highlight – there is a sign that says, “Take a chance! But you may get wet.”  Gabe guarantees that he will get wet.  If the water isn’t on when we get there, he will stand in the middle until it comes on.  I was just pulling my camera out as he stood there on Friday, and I managed to snap there pictures.  They make me smile.


Add in a few lizards sighting, orchids, visiting the finches, “secret” passageways, and lots of laughter….it was the perfect trip.  If you are looking for a soul-refreshing day, I would highly recommend a trip the the Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden.  It is definitely getting hotter this week, but they are also open every Thursday evening during the summer.  Evenings there are even more soothing. 


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