Thursday, August 30, 2012

Oliver turns 4!!!

We had the usual pool party for Ollie’s birthday, like we have since he turned one, but with a twist.  Our neighborhood’s back-to-school bash overlapped with his party, so all of our guests got to try out the bounce house and waterslide before there was even a crowd. Then we all went back to our house for pizza and “cake.”


IMGP2916 IMGP2913

(Colin got third and Santi got second in the hulu-hooping contest.  Those boys know how to move their hips.)

When Oliver agreed to having a fruit cake instead of a real one, I was a little worried that he would be dissapointed in the end, but he wasn’t in the least.  He was in love with this cake!! It wasn’t that hard either – probably took me less time than a traditional cake.   It was a nice balance to the pizza, too. 



My mom made Ollie an awesome set of Avenger’s masks and he and Liam have been playing with them all week. 


He also got the long-wished-for-helicopter from his Grandma and Grandpa Coleman.  You can imagine how happy that made him!

Happy birthday to the most handsome and loving four year old in the world!  We love our Ollie-burger.


The Husband said...

Cool cake! What is the orange fruit? Glad Ollie had a good birthday - looks like we need to be there in late August sometime for his annual pool party! :)

Ashley said...

Of course that was me, not Roy

Olivia Carter said...

Ummm... what the heck... that cake is amazing! Happy birthday Ollie!