Sunday, September 16, 2012

My Mom’s Birthday


Yesterday was my mom’s birthday.   I wanted to do something different for her party – something that would be more about her and less about the rest of us sitting around talking.  I wanted to us be able to show her how we feel about her without using too many words.  I decided to steal an idea from my cousin Olivia and have a gallery opening party.  I gave all of my family members here in Charlotte a canvas and asked them to create a piece of art for/about my mom.  Everyone brought appetizers, and the oldest boys were waiters, serving the food for our gallery opening on trays. 





I think my mom had a good day, and I was so glad that we were able to show her we love her.  If you know my family, you know that dressing up fancy and creating art isn’t necessarily our “thing,”  but everyone was a really good sport, and I was glad that everyone threw their heart into it. 

On a side note, it was bound to happen someday right….with boys coming out of our ears?  A broken window.  The good news was, it was really a pretty innocent accident and no one got hurt (by the glass or by my angerWinking smile


Happy Birthday Mom!  Thanks for putting up with us all these years.

For posts about my mom, click here.


Ashley said...

I spy:
-One smokin' hot Katie - love the hair!
-Some weird abstract art by Chad :)
-My peanut butter cup cake?

Thanks for always being so thoughtful for our parents! They are lucky you are the one living nearby! So who was the guilty culprit? Dying to hear about that one!

Olivia Carter said...

Wow- you did a fabulous job Katie! SO CUTE! The pics are SO CUTE!

And we only have one boy & we've had a broken neighbor window and our window (ours was by the neighbor whose window Rob broke) Karma, anyone?

Happy Birthday to your sweet mama!

Allison Witham said...

That was really cute. Good job and idea. Happy birthday to your mom. I have nothing but good memories of her and your family.

Katie said...

Thanks Ashley - and yes, that was your peanut butter cake. The same thing is, after all the food we ate before it, I don't think anyone could fully appreciate the incredible richness of that cake. There was a slice left yesterday and it was sooooo stinkin' good the second day.

The window was Colin and Santi together. They were playing with the balloons from the picture, spinning them around, and one of the weights flew off and popped the window. The really ridiculous part of it is....after the air cleared from the window breaking, I walked out back to see them throwing a BALL at the back of the house. Let's try to break another window, huh? PLUS I had just put the cake out there and they were throwing it right over the cake. BOYS!!!!

Olivia, that is pretty funny about the broken windows. I guess the karma from Colin giving our neighbor a black eye with a bat was him then giving Ollie a black eye with a bat? Poor Ollie gets his bad karma.

Katie said...

Oh, and Ashley, you know you wanted to write "One smokin' hot Chad!" Look at that guy!!!

Christie said...

Ditto Ashley's comment about them being lucky you are the one nearby! And I was going to guess Chad broke the window ;)

Sharon said...

Great idea Katie, she will cherish those pictures forever!

lindsey said...

I am surprised by house much I enjoyed painting the picture I made. It was fun katie and I think mom liked it. I'm glad katie lives close too... so I don't have to do it ;)